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Bug reports for Risk of Rain 1.0.2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by needsomemiracle, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Dennis

    Dennis Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Minor typo on Snake Eyes item log

    • rakmburglar

      rakmburglar Void-Bound Voyager

      got this and couldn't type or move in online play

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      • needsomemiracle

        needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Han-D's contaner can still be opened after Han-D's been unlocked (I've done this as Han-D infact). There's no unlock message again or anything, but finding yourself deactivated and locked in a crate is pretty creepy.

        /me feels warm and fuzzy inside.

        I do update it, but not in real-time because work. In fact I add reports from neighboring threads when I can.

        Indeed it is. Are you sure it is caused by RoR?

        There's a Spelling and Grammar thread but I guess here's fine too.
        • Burby

          Burby Phantasmal Quasar

          Since we might as well also post spelling and grammar errors here, I noticed in Rawrquaza's recent mercenary video that providence says "you are stronger then you look", which is supposed to be "than".
          • NoGod

            NoGod Void-Bound Voyager

            I esent an e-mail in about this, but I will post it here too. I got to this part before and there was an enemy in there, but I couldn't go any further. All I could do is go back to the lava and I couldn't get back on the platforms.

            This time it was empty. I want back into the lava a few times to try and get back and started shooting that Homing Harpoon at the boss once I saw it pop up to see if it would hit. Not in this room, but when I ran out and shot it, it did hit and the boss spawned in the lava as some giant dragon swimming in the lava like half underground. Then since i couldn't get out I ran back and the boss. (I know it wasn't Toxic Beast either.) was shooting me in this room through the walls and just killed me.

            Here is the pic:


            Here is what repeats over and over in the error.txt

            ERROR in
            action number 5
            of Create Event
            for object oInit:
            Error defining an external function.
            ERROR in
            action number 1
            of End Step Event
            for object oBoar:
            Error in code at line 82:
                            if target.x>i.x
            at position 32: Unknown variable x
            • meow247

              meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

              dragon:laugh: its a turtle
              • needsomemiracle

                needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                I sense a class skipped at school a long time ago :rofl:
                • keeblur

                  keeblur Intergalactic Tourist

                  Is Steam supposed to be updating my game to 1.0.1? It hasn't.
                  • Vizjun

                    Vizjun Starship Captain

                    Every "than" are written as "then" in both item log and monster log.
                    • Calming Effect

                      Calming Effect Space Spelunker

                      [​IMG] [​IMG]

                      Ancient Wisp stuck on jump pad.
                      • Calming Effect

                        Calming Effect Space Spelunker

                      • Calming Effect

                        Calming Effect Space Spelunker

                        seen this multiple times, more than one item will be shown on the shop stands, and it acts as a "?" shop.
                        • Nanodeath

                          Nanodeath Space Hobo

                          Enemies remaining arrow erroneously detects "ghosts" as enemies
                          • ipsum

                            ipsum Twenty-three is number one

                            Although this is true, it's still exploitable. Sitting at the very top of the ladder will have Providence attempt to slash you and land on the platform above you (Engineer + Rusty Jetpack + jumping just before the slash attack + harpoons = easy mode). He'll probably still hit your droids, but you're completely safe. The solution to that is his (extremely slow) lock-on attack.
                            • LazerusKI

                              LazerusKI Phantasmal Quasar

                              if you mean the golden chest: there is a way to reach it, but the path is hidden
                              • V3nom

                                V3nom Starship Captain

                                I'm new on this forum (but I follow the dev of Starbound for a long time now ^^)
                                I want to thanks the devs for this real little gold nugget. Pretty well balanced and demanding, and very addictive. (almost too much :p)

                                I'll jump at the chance of such a topic to speak about a little bit annoying visual prob. (I'll ignore the bugs I encountered and which are already listed above, a large part of them).
                                I dont know if it's about memory leak, but during a long play (above than 40 minutes ?) or at a second run without rebooting the game, a lot of effects dissapear:
                                -no more lines behind a character equipped with Paul's goat hoof
                                -no more smoke behind rockets of any type (AtG mk 1 & 2 or the disposable missile launcher or even engineer's thermal harpoons)
                                2013-11-13_00064.jpg 2013-11-14_00010.jpg
                                -sometimes no more fire (on fire elite ennemies or with gasoline death)
                                -no more "retinal persistence" behind hunteress' arrows
                                -some items or debuff effects like the small "green smokes" around the character (I dont remember the item linked atm ^^) or the small blood smokes of the Leeching Seed...
                                -shrooms smoke attacks turns into a simple purple circle, aslo for their death.
                                and prolly some more I dont remember atm...
                                It is maybe nothing important, by example I dont have try with the "auto-adjust graphics" option off. (I'll try next time)

                                And I also saw that you are limited with 3 lanes of items on the screens during a very long play (more than 200 minutes, in easy mode ^^), and I'm not really sure that the new taken items, that are not displayed, do function. (I would say no)
                                  Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
                                • needsomemiracle

                                  needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Actually it doesn't, you get the item that's behind all others, closest to the background.
                                  • ipsum

                                    ipsum Twenty-three is number one

                                    It is definitely the auto-adjust graphics option. FPS tends to drop during Risk of Rain, and that causes the game to change the graphics setting from High to Low. Change that option and the game will stop doing that.
                                    • V3nom

                                      V3nom Starship Captain

                                      The problem is that auto-adjusted "low details" seems to remains when you restart a run and got FPS at max.
                                      • ipsum

                                        ipsum Twenty-three is number one

                                        Yeah, it doesn't look like the option readjusts back to High graphics. So, in this case, that would be the bug.
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