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the furry player mod, again

  1. Galacticruler

    Galacticruler Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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    Anthro Farmer Recontinued - the furry player mod, again

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    • PcktFox

      PcktFox Void-Bound Voyager

      Is it intended that on starting a new game, you look human, or have I done something wrong? Also, when using the Fox option, the tip of the tail is missing. Again, a mistake on my part?
      • brennonm

        brennonm Void-Bound Voyager

        Quick pair of bug reports, probably the same issue:

        Your torso and legs revert to human in the spa currently, and certain tops that reveal parts of your torso also revert to human skin.

        Thanks for making this mod available again!

        Edit: After a bunch of testing, the issue appears to be that the game draws from farmer_base_shoes to get any revealed parts of the body for things like sauna wear or clothing that reveals parts of the torso or legs. Unfortunately GetGlam does not seem to support replacing this file through the assets, so you have to overwrite it in the main GetGlam directory for each various base type (e.g. goat, fox, etc).

        The fix is fairly simple though, you can just clip the relevant part of the sprites from Anthro Farmer's farmer_base.png, and replace the farmer_base_shoes file with that (you will, however, no longer be wearing shoes unless you edit that into the farmer_base_shoes file yourself). Ultimately any real kind of fix will have to come from GetGlam supporting replacements for files like farmer_base_shoes

        Edit 2: That fix kind of sucks because it's missing several things added to the new sprite sheet (if you want to be completely naked in the spa however, it works fine). If you're a fan of goats I tried my best to make a workable shoe-wearing goat with the correct other pieces of clothing attached. Remove the "fixed" and replace the file in the assets directory of GetGlam.

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        • Wingyl

          Wingyl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          I tested it, and it turns out that Get Glam does load skin colour packs - it just can't load a 160-skins-long skin colour pack! I don't know where the cutoff point is but both vanilla-sized and smaller-than-vanilla skin packs work.

          Also, a lot of the anthro farmer skintones turned out to rely on some part of Anthro Farmer Continued changing what parts of the farmer base had highlights/shadows, to repurpose them as markings and stuff, so loading up one of those skin tones on a farmer base that doesn't do that, like the vanilla ones or your new get glam ones, results in the farmer looking like they're trying to cosplay a homestuck troll and messed up their bodypaint, heh
          • *Kai*

            *Kai* Void-Bound Voyager

            So I have an issue with the tail for the fox one. The white tip is just gone. Anyone know how to fix it?
            • Mikeyvulpix

              Mikeyvulpix Intergalactic Tourist

              any way to fix the brown box just covering the torso? I've been trying to get rid of that and I keep feeling like it's the updated version of my game.
              • Mikeyvulpix

                Mikeyvulpix Intergalactic Tourist

                nevermind I managed to fix it.
                • genderneutralnoun

                  genderneutralnoun Aquatic Astronaut

                  I'm having many, many, MANY problems with the Dragon base causing my skin to revert to pale human skin when wearing certain things. Even just the vanilla short skirt causes my legs to become human. It's weird because I've been using the vanilla green skin color, and it works perfectly on any base except the anthro ones.
                  • genderneutralnoun

                    genderneutralnoun Aquatic Astronaut

                    I fixed it... but only for the dragon girl non-bald base, because I'm a lazy (insert rude word here).
                    I took the base from Beach Day and copied the colors over, and it worked like a charm. Literally no visual difference from how it looked when I was in my normal clothes, but also works for other clothes. Here's the edited file.

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