RELEASED Anthro Characters Continued (Furry Overhaul Mod) + Genderswaps

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    This mod is the successor to Gaveliere's original Anthro Characters mod. This mod builds upon Gaveliere's vision, deriving a complete experience thanks to Gaveliere with assisstance from many contributions from the community over the years. This mod overhauls every NPC in the game, creating a wholly re-imagined Stardew Valley experience for those who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters.

    Gaveliere worked very hard to update the base mod for Stardew Valley patch 1.5 as fast as possible. If you've enjoyed the mod please consider buying Gav a coffee at:

    Thanks to the generous help of Krystedez we now have a functional Content Patcher version of the mod. Thank you to all of those who also offered support~

    Female to male genderswaps are once again functional and fully updated for Stardew Valley patch 1.5.

    The download link for Anthro Characters Continued CONTENT PATCHER VERSION is here:

    The download link for Anthro Characters Continued REPLACER VERSION is here:

    The download link for Anthro Characters Continued Female to Male Genderswaps CONTENT PATCHER VERSION is here:

    The download link for Anthro Characters Continued Female to Male Genderswaps REPLACER VERSION is here:

    This mod does not affect the player-character; ACC co-author Krystedez is currently developing an anthro farmer and children mod. Links will be added here when development on those is completed.

    The patches below are archived; they are unlikely to work as their respective mods and Stardew Valley have updated. They are here for archival purposes.

    ninjakaami has been working on an anthro children mod you can find here.

    Longevity Patch by Rydel:
    (NOTE: Not compatible with the Female->Male Genderswaps yet)

    The Siv's Marriage Mod patch can be found in the files below this post.
    This patch will likely only work with older versions of SMM for the time being.

    Lycanglass created a patch for Stardew Valley Expanded. You can find the link below:
    NOTE: These patches were not created by Gaveliere nor myself and as such we cannot assist with issues you might have with it.

    There are alternate versions of Alex, Emily, Demetrius, Evelyn and Robin available in the Alternate Character Designs file for those who prefer them.
    These are no longer functional in Stardew version 1.5 and on to our knowledge. Expect complications if using these.


    Installation Instructions:
    Extract the contents of the attached file using 7zip or a similar program and follow the instructions packaged within.

    Female to Male Marriage Candidate Genderswaps:
    We now have sprites and dialogue options for the eligible female to male gender-swapped characters!


    Female to Male Genderswap Installation Instructions:

    Just download the ACC Female to Male Genderswaps file, extract it with a .zip file extractor such as 7zip, then follow the instructions packaged within.

    If you encounter any bugs, please report them here or on the Nexus page after ensuring you installed everything correctly and there are no mod conflicts.

    Added additional sprite fixes submitted by HYODO and ninjakaami. Thanks much~

    The mod is now compatible with Siv's Marriage Mod. Huge thanks to ninjakaami for this~
    Updated the mod for better Mac and Linux support, thanks to Swiftpaw22 for bringing this to my attention.

    Various Cursors.xnb tweaks to correct some transparency issues.
    Added anthro sprites for the Prairie King mini-game. Many thanks to Mocha Mokat.

    Edited townInterior.xnb to change the "FLU" sign in the clinic from a human nose to a goat nose. Thanks go to Arrkhal!

    Added a fix for Emily's hands during certain parts of her walk cycle. Thanks much to Rydel!

    Minor corrections to Haley and Penny's portraits. Thanks again to Rydel~

    Updated Emily's portrait to fix and improve her hands.
    Added compatibility with RTGOAT's Longevity mod. Many many thanks to Rydel for both!

    Updated the ACC-Longevity patch with additional work from Rydel as well as @luna_panshiel!

    Huge update adding four new character sprites and portraits for Demetrius, Emily, Evelyn and Robin. Huge thank you to Gaveliere for coming back to finish the remaining characters and making the mod fully consistent!

    Updated the ACC-Longevity patch to be current with the new sprites. Thanks again to Rydel!

    Added new sprites for the Henchman and updated the compatibility patch for Longevity. Many thanks to Gaveliere and Rydel respectively~

    Added support for Stardew Valley 1.3 Beta. Big thanks to Fyn and lxlhunter for finding and fixing~

    Added translation patch and various other fixes for 1.3 as well as a Sebastian cursors fix for 1.2. Thanks again to lxlhunter~

    Added Content Patcher version as well as additions and fixes to the 1.3 main file. Thanks to Sabs like "labs" and ColaWolf respectively.
    Added a 1.2 legacy version.

    Improved instructions and added a 1.3 file with more minor fixes.

    Added new female to male marriageable genderswap options! Credit goes to Gaveliere for making the sprites and testing and to Blanchard for the dialogue work and scene edits.
    Updated the main mod with various improvements to characters such as Sebastian, Alex, and many many more.
    Big thanks to BlueSkyes for several new additions to ACC, such as all new Emojis and various sprite fixes.
    Thanks to Yogurl for a new Alex sprite, which is now bundled with Alternate Character Designs.

    Added a small fix to Hayden's (Haley's genderswap) walk sprite for the Female to Male genderswap mod.

    Fixed an issue with Marcus's hospital portrait displaying his neutral face twice.
    Fixed an issue where Marcus was introducing himself as Maru.

    Updated compatibility with Longevity; thanks go to Rydel.

    Massive update to make the mod compatible with Stardew Valley patch 1.4; massive thank you to Gaveliere.
    Many numerous bugfixes, including bugs from previous ACC versions.
    Translation files are now rolled into the base mod, allowing non-English speakers to play the mod without a separate patch.

    Small sprite updates to the Replacer and CP base mod.
    Multiple bugfixes to the F->M Genderswaps.

    12-3-2019: Huge batch of bugfixes caused by compression on transparency sprites. Gav put out a lot of fires very quickly on this one and deserves a coffee!

    12-6-2019: Thanks to Krystedez we have a functional Content Patcher version. Thanks to all those who offered help!

    12-20-2019: Added the Replacer version of the Female -> Male Genderswaps (all 6 only for now).
    Many various bugfixes for both ACC Replacer and CP versions.

    1-8-2021: Updated for Stardew patch 1.5.
    New characters updated for ACC.
    Sprite reworks and touch-ups across multiple characters.
    Mod updated concurrently with Content Patcher and the CP version is now the primary version. Many thanks to Krystedez!

    1-9-2021: Small cursors file fix.

    1-10-2021: New anthro sprite additions by request. Thanks to Gav for the short notice.

    1-11-2021: Sprite bugfixes and a ReadMe update. Thanks to Swiftpaw22 over at Chucklefish for the suggestion and wording.

    2-6-2021: Male genderswaps updated and multiple bugfixes made to all mod versions. Leah's swap name changed from "Leo" to "Liam".

    A titanic, overwhelming thanks to Gaveliere for creating this mod, for creating the ACC genderswaps, and for rigorous testing.
    Blanchard(sion9000) for maintaining the mod pages, testing, and co-development.
    Thanks to Krystedez for Content Patcher management and co-development.
    Thanks to Krystedez and ColaWolf for additional characters.
    Thanks to Bonabopn and Roskii for keeping the thread alive and helping
    with bug fixing, troubleshooting and help with various files.
    Thanks to HYODO and ninjakaami for providing additional sprite fixes.
    Big thanks to ninjakaami for making a patch to make this mod compatible with Siv's Marriage Mod.
    Many thanks to Mocha Mokat for helping to tweak
    Cursors.xnb with several transparency fixes and adding new anthro
    sprites for the Prairie King mini-game.
    Thanks to Arrkhal for the flavor update to the clinic and the updated townInterior.xnb file.
    Thanks to Rydel for noticing and helping fix a mistake with Emily's hands during her walk cycle, as well as portrait adjustments for Penny,
    Haley and Emily. Much thanks to Rydel for also making a compatibility
    patch for ACC & Longevity!
    Thanks to luna_panshiel for their help with additional Longevity patch fixes~
    Many thanks to Fyn for Content Pack and various support.
    Big thanks to lxlhunter for updating ACC for 1.3!
    Thanks to Sabs like "labs" for her work on the Content Patcher version.
    Thanks to ColaWolf for additions and fixes to 1.3.
    Thanks to MasterXYZ for more updates to Cursors.
    Big thanks to BlueSkyez for his additions to 1.3 as well as updates of old files.
    Thanks to Yogurl for the alternate Alex portraits.
    Thanks goes to Lobst for help back in 1.1 in updating Shane for 1.1 and assisting with Clint's sprites, as well as Clothing Therapy sprites.
    Big thanks to Krystedez for updating the Content Patcher version for patch 1.4 and maintaining it!
    Thanks to Swiftpaw22 for sprite recommendations and ReadMe improvements.

    Thank you!

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    • Roskii Heiral

      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

      Really glad to see this up, hopefully it helps everyone!
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      • Blanchard

        Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

        For posterity:
        If I ever happen to suddenly vanish for a long period of time, feel free to pass ownership of the thread to Roskii or anyone else willing to continue it. :avalibleh:
        • Roskii Heiral

          Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

          If you're dead, I will have been dead for weeks =d
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          • Blanchard

            Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

            I've added this mod to the Stardew Valley Nexus to increase exposure and hopefully boost the chances of getting some of the small-scale work still needed done. It can be found over here. (I'm mostly making this post to prove that I'm the one who posted the mod over there, as my username is different on the Nexus).
            • HYODO

              HYODO Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              I love Anthro Characters. Thank you very much.
              I upload sprite I previously edited personally.
              (Please advise me if there are any problems.)
              and previously I have also edited "Cursors.ja-JP.xnb" (I'm Japanese :D) , but it's not quite enough to be released (low quality ( ◞‸◟ ) )

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              • Blanchard

                Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine


                Do you mean you contributed to the mod? Did you help with Anthro Characters and want to be credited?

                Or are you trying to help out with the mod currently, making or editing sprites? Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding.
                • ninjakaami

                  ninjakaami Void-Bound Voyager

                  Really glad to see this is being revived. Which small sprites happen to be missing from the mod? Like, what is thier file name and directory in the games files?
                  • Blanchard

                    Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

                    I think figuring that out will take time; even I don't know every little possible non-replaced sprite due to the game updating and the fact that multiple people worked on the mod so it's not always straightforward. Every once in awhile you'll run into a standalone scene where a character reverts. Shane has at least one I know where he falls face down for a scene; I need to find time to do a deep dive and dig them up, unless someone else does it first.
                    • Roskii Heiral

                      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                      If you're using my cursors then Shane will not revert when falling over
                      • Blanchard

                        Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

                        Does that include his talking head sprite? If that's the case there's barely anything missing from the main mod despite 1.1 and 1.2, though I keep being paranoid whenever someone brings up a "problem" from the old mod forum. (I'm once again going off of someone's bug report rather than my own experience in actually finding anything incomplete myself, which I should learn by now is a mistake, heh)
                        • Roskii Heiral

                          Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                          Make sure you have this one, it was posted by someone on the original thread (I can't remember who, I'm sorry). It contains the correct frames (it goes in the portrait section)

                          Edit: Attached a picture

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                          • Blanchard

                            Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

                            Yup, the October 4th one is the one I've got packed in here. Okay I do have all the Shane sprites then, I'm just paranoid. I'm..not sure if there is still sprite work missing. That's the problem with pulling a bunch of different pieces out from different people; it's hard to know if everything is there without knowing each scene. (I also haven't been at my own computer in several days to just confirm on my own) I'm fairly confident there isn't actually anything missing at this point, I'm just going off of people using the wrong cursors files, ect. left over from the original post or overwriting on their own. It's amazing how many problems that old mod has caused...

                            I'm going to edit the main thread to ask people if they encounter missing stuff to report it rather than confirming anything is missing. Thanks again Roskii, my bad.
                              Last edited: Apr 14, 2017
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                            • ninjakaami

                              ninjakaami Void-Bound Voyager

                              Hey, I was browsing through the games files after installing the mod to start tracking down some missing sprites, and I noticed that on Sandy's sprite, her wings are missing on the animation cycle for walking to the left. Here's a fixed version.

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                              • Roskii Heiral

                                Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                Does Sandy ever walk to the left? xD (Really doesn't remember)
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                                • ninjakaami

                                  ninjakaami Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I think she does? I may be thinking of extra scenes and walking cycles added in by siv's marriage mod though. Even if we never see it, my sprite ocd wouldn't let me ignore her missing wings ^^"
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                                  • Roskii Heiral

                                    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                    Its awesome that you did it =3

                                    Adding more compatability and flexibility is never a bad thing!
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                                    • Roskii Heiral

                                      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                      He's added a fix for the cowPhotosWinter.xnb

                                      In its current state, it shows haley and the cows in summer instead of winter.

                                      Great work, @HYODO
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                                      • Blanchard

                                        Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Oh awesome, I'll be adding both to the mod as soon as I get home. Thanks very much to @ninjakaami and @HYODO for the help~ <3
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                                        • Blanchard

                                          Blanchard Pangalactic Porcupine

                                          I finally got to my home PC and actually have access to XNB-node again! I've updated the main file and credited @ninjakaami and @HYODO for their contributions~ (and to Roskii for pointing out what I hadn't realized myself... >_>;; ) I'm about to do the same over at the Nexus.

                                          Thanks again, guys~
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