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Discussion in 'Mods' started by MasterslilWolfe, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. MasterslilWolfe

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    I have been using SMAPI for a while. I have all the latest updates for Advanced Location Loader, Entoarox Framework, and SMAPI and for some reason, SMAPI refuses to load both of them. Yes, they're both in my mods folder, but SMAPI just won't load them for some reason. Capture.PNG
    • FieryChaos

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    • MasterslilWolfe

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      Yeah I found the update. My computer kept taking me to older updates so I thought I had the newest one. Now my issue is actually getting expansions to load when I put them in the locations folder of A.L.L. It doesn't show an error but the locations just don't show up.
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        The fact of the matter is those two mods have not been updated properly for SMAPI 1.15.1 and all we can do is wait for Entoarox to fix them
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          This is a issue with OSX, blame chucklefish... EF 2.0 at least will fix it, and pathos's work on the 1.x branch to make it SMAPI 2.0 compatible might also fix your problems, but no guarantees.

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