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Zerotap Dash For Pandora's Box 1.2

Gotta tap 'em all! ...once.

  1. Final DASH!

    The Avelon
    Fixes the long-standing bug of dashing in the wrong direction if you pressed the dash key while holding both Left and Right.
  2. Vanilla Settings

    The Avelon
    Not even changing the version number. I mistakenly did not revert my 1.0 mechanical changes in the last update for vanilla techs. If you want the actual mechanics of vanilla dashes to be different that should be up to another mod. So I rolled back to vanilla settings for all techs. The ONLY thing this mod does is add a dash key, remove double tap functionality, and change references to double tapping to reflect that change.

    I will probably be rolling out my own version of a "freedom of...
  3. Compatibility with...other Zerotaps

    The Avelon
    I forgot to put a check to see if other ZT mods were patching the controls UI, which didn't actually do anything bad, but did cause multiple Activate Body Tech entries to show up in your key config menu. A minor annoyance, crushed.
  4. Zeroconfig Update

    The Avelon
    Included now is the addition of the ability to configure your dash key the same way you configure all of the rest of your keys. The mod is now .Pak format and has no included readme because none is needed. Woohoo!
  5. Elegance Update

    The Avelon
    Restructured the Lua code to work alongside the existing code. This means that if PB updates, my mod will still work and won't need to be updated in order for you to see the changes made by the author. :)

    A huge thank you to bk3k and Errors4I for suggesting this method and help with syntax, respectively.