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Yes Chef! 1.13

A cooking flow redesign! Get fancy with the spices!

  1. jaseofbase
    This mod is dependant on the following mods:


    Thankyou to TheBigBlueSerpent for allowing me to use MFM's baseline produce. Thankyou to Mackinz for support and MFM's continuiation!

    So.. What is it?

    Yes Chef! is a proof of concept mod I've been working on to redesign the Starbound cooking flow. I've played the game for a couple of months and really enjoy it, however I felt a few things were lacking in depth. The games cooking flow felt rather flat and not as engaging as it 'could' be. So after toying around with the idea I've come up with something a little more involved. Given the player something more tangible for the homsteading playstyle the design team are proposing.

    Food created still grants the same buffs as the games designers have intended, but the route to a plated meal has changed significantly. Your foraged goods now have to be prepared into baseline ingredients that follow a logical expectation outcome.

    Flow Redesign

    Your cooking table is no longer a one stop shop. You now have to chop, boil, mill, blend, bake/roast or freeze depending on the recipe in question. Some items have multiple stages depending on what it is.

    For example:

    Taking a potato to the chopping board will wash, peel and chop it into a serving of prepared potato. You can then boil this or add it to other ingredients to make say, a stew mix.. then boiling the stew mix with 2 parts water will give you a serving of stew. Following as much real world cooking logic and expectancy as possible within the remit of the games original design and mechanics. Each item along the route has descriptive cues to help you along the way, if it needs boiling in water or milk, or stock for example and how many parts.

    Okay cool, so how do I get started?

    In the wilderness you will be able to create basic makeshift camp-site tools with your bare hands. This will allow you to get started cooking 'Mountain-man style' with what you can manage to forage.


    Once you then have an established homestead, you can craft a full range of cookware at an iron crafting table to feed and water yourself comfortably!


    Things to bear in mind:

    1. Everything from the basegame should now be craftable using a variety of cooking methods.

    2. There will be alot of ingredient items made from produce that simply are not used yet, because end result plated food is yet to be made. But the logic and flow to create most ingredient items is in place.

    3. If you have any suggestions/thoughts please do let me know. If theirs something you feel it's missing or would be a great addition to the game play everything will be taken on board. Or if you want to get involved designing items/recipes. All golden!

    Let me know what you think! I'm getting it finished as soon as possible.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. vietnamese guy
    vietnamese guy
    Version: 1.13
    A good complex mod :D
  2. amirmiked12
    Version: 1.13
    in 1.2 game crashes on loading screen..why is that??i have MFM installed
  3. Utkudakid
    Version: 1.13
    It doesnt work for me,it says something with morecrops mod or something
  4. LadyKianna
    Version: 1.13
    Loving it so far, but I'm also having a problem with the initial 'camp millstones' quest...
    also can't wait for Floran basssed itemss!
  5. Tennyo
    Version: 1.13
    That's an interesting mod that enchances the cooking system and is completely unique in comparison to any other mod. As person who loves complex crafting I love this mod.

    But there is something wrong with quests, I made camp milestones, but the quest is not finished. Is it because of new version?
  6. crafttonjus
    Version: 1.13
    Yay :D, now, please make avali cooking set if you have the time :D
    (else you mod is cool :D)
  7. sikerow
    Version: 1.13
    hey awesome mod can i get permission t use this mod in my modpack
  8. ness87
    Version: 1.12
    A complex mod, i lke it. Just a question, its work with "hunger" mods?
    1. jaseofbase
      Author's Response
      When I put out the first release it was hardwired to work with a hungermod. Quickly realised that wasn't the way forward.

      If a hungermod (like the one I was using) only alters the effects of the end result food items it should do.

      However I haven't coded/patched any effects for ingredient items. Compatibility for that will be down to the Hungermod authors themselves.

      Glad your having fun!
  9. AtomicBunnytron
    Version: 1.12
    Love the mod,it means so much more now to have a fridge full of food! Feels like food actually MEANS something.
    I do have a bug to report,though:
    For me,the game crashes whenever I try to use the hylotl chopping board (No matter what color). It doesn't do that with the camp chopblock,however,so it's still completely playable! :3
    1. jaseofbase
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, glad your having fun with it. Good spot on the object crash. Got that fixed already for the next update. Cheers!
  10. treenewbee
    Version: 1.12
    A nice MOD. But I dont like the color of human Red looks lower than iron color or sliver color
    1. jaseofbase
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, can you elaborate in the discussions tab? Cheers