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Outdated XS Corporation Mechs 1.05

Adds more mech tech!

  1. Update 1.01 - New mechs!


    1.01 Changelog
    - First release of T-17 Theta Mech
    - - Heavy mech tech
    - - Railgun that penetrates through terrain
    - - Incendiary grenades
    - - Ground cracks beneath feet when landing heavily, also landing animations/immobility
    - - Heavy jumpjets facilitate mobility
    - - Emergency jumpjets automatically slow descent if falling too quickly
    - First release of S-07 Elite Sigma Mech
    - - Stronger Sigma Mech
    - - Plasma miniguns
    - - Longer hover duration
    - Reduced mech energy drain, incorporated new system where energy consumption is based on weapon/feature usage
    - Rebalanced recipe costs: now require more pixels and some material bars
    - Some new sounds added, including quieter mech step sounds for Sigma/Elite Sigma
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