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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. Bring out your swimsuits, it's summer time!

    ♦️ Additions:
    × Brand new theme! Get ready for the summer with the Tropical Summer Dream theme!
    × A new instance! The WW District. You can travel there by finding the teleporting device in the chest under the outpost where the dude with the mask is.
    × New biome! Only available through terraforming. Purchasable at the WW District.
    × 1 new item in the CT-EXE theme.
    × 1 new item in the Gemstone Paradise theme.
    × 1 new item in the Gothic Lolita theme.
    × 2 new items in the Neo Imperial & Zen theme.
    × 1 new item in the Sleek & Elegant theme.
    × 1 new drink by PaperAirship.
    × New signs.
    × New popcorn flavors in the Circus Popcorn Machine.
    × The Gothic Lolita set with the vest and hat have been added, courtesy of Redwoodian #6943.
    × The Star Beam Staff now has a custom attack, courtesy of augitesoul #9628.

    ♦️ Changes:
    × Air Conditioners now store their state, if you left it on before you left the room it'll be on when you come back!!
    × The rest of the signs that were in the CT-EXE theme tab were moved into the sign vendor. So don't worry, they're not gone.
    × All bathtubs have been standardized to have the same width and height. No more odds ones out!
    × Minor sprite fixes in CT-EXE items.
    × Careful drinking, our drinks now have a tipsy status effect that will show up every time you consume one of our drinks.

    A clarification regarding the teleporting device which takes you to the WW Outpost, you need at least the spike ball tech because it requires you to go PAST the outpost, and go UNDERNEATH the outpost itself, there is a small room once you've rolled enough down there, this room is practically a chucklefish easter egg AND the device spawns inside the crate next to the bed. It's part of the treasure pool.
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