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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. New themes, items and fixes!

    For this update we bring you:

    ♦️ Changes to the interface to fit more sets.
    ♦️ Changes to the shop sprite. Loreleine got tired of her previous outfit and got a new box to match the interface.

    ♦️ New furniture sets added:
    × Frills & Roses
    × Modern Art Deco
    × Spring Festival
    × Starry Galaxy

    ♦️ Color/shading fix for Gothic Lolita theme.
    ♦️ More signs added to CT-EXE.
    ♦️ Some tenants now have custom clothing.

    ♦️ Credit of the creators to the following drinks were added:
    × Dragon's Breath.
    × Bottled Watts.
    × The Eff Yoo.

    ♦️ Drink added with it's respective credit to author:
    × Cherry on Tap.

    ♦️ Bugs fixed:
    × Effect issue for the drinks that contained healing effect.
    × Proper placing for Steampunk Chandelier, Steampunk Light Fixture and Bohemia Ceiling Light.
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