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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship 1.3a

A solo/duo operated gunship with set of weapon, projectiles switching and a lot of other features.


    Probably last update for now since I got work and things to deal with in life at the moment. Making this vehicle has been fun while it lasted, I don't know if there would be additional updates after this but we'll see. For now I hope you guys enjoy what this mod turn out to be.
    Sorry for the sudden change of controls, I just wanna make things a bit easier for everyone and for myself when using the gunship. I find it really annoying whenever I want to flip, breaks or slow my gunship I...
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  2. UPDATE 1.3a

    -Pilot's & Gunner's Headset in the WolFen FLCN Station and slight modification on the sprite itself.
    -Added a new condition where [DRN] will only deploy on auto-land if the ALR/Auto-[FLR] is toggled on.

    -Changed [RLG] & [CLB] firing to [F]+[LMB] & [F]+[RMB], switched the [HMG] & [LCH] ammo cycling to [SPC]+[LMB] & [SPC]+[RMB] so you don't slow-down or flip accidentally whenever you use the secondary weapons. Experimental and we'll see how this goes....
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  3. Bug Fix

    Ok I kinda missed one since I was testing testing stuff solo.
    -Fix the bug where Gunner can't aim the LCH or RLG when one is being controlled by the Pilot.
    -Updated Codex Special1/S1 key to F to avoid confusion.
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  4. Small Update and Fix:

    -Added decoration version of the gunship with the original glow of the real one. It form as a 64 slot storage container as well. You can get it in the WolFen FLCN Station(from Penguin Pete) for 5k pixels.
    -Fixed the rose version engine sprite, which I forgot to and some of the thumbnail pictures of the gunship.
    -Adjusted the headlight and landing gear pixel perfectly.
    -Some minor adjustment on the older gunship name.
    -Just move assets and did some organization.

    WolFen FLCN-11: 1.3 GUN CYCLE UPDATE!
    "Hi! Rikkun here, I made an update for this mod! I mainly did some visual updates, adding some small animation here and there and done some adjustments while keeping it close to the original. Things got out of control when I found out there’s this miniUFO in the game, I gotta snatch the codes from it that lets you beam stuff, so I added 2 new function that lets you get NPCs on the gunship railing now and take Mechs and Vehicles with you. I...
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  6. Version 1.2a

    Flare Functions Update:
    -Enemies will now attack flares and can be used as a distraction. It has a chance to knockback enemies.
    -Flares stays up for 30 seconds but its now also hydrophonoc, which means it will disapear when it touches water.
    -Flares will disappear when attacked or if touched by an enemy.
  7. Minor Fix

    -Fixed invisible orange controller hand item.
    (Just a minor fix don't need to re-download if you have 1.2 already.)
  8. Version 1.2

    -Added 3 more colors Cyan, Rose & Orange.
    -Fixed some parameters.
    -Shorted turret gun.
    -Enabled shell ejection.
  9. Version 1.1e

    -Added statusimmunity & breathProtection.
  10. Version 1.1d

    -Increased damage by 25%. (Experimental)
    -Changed HP from 8k to 10k.
    -Set default weapon controls Pilot. (As I noticed most people use it for solo.)
    -Removed the airimmunity & shadowimmunity code. (You still get invulnerable & liquidimmunity when you're in, so I think its still safe inside.)
    -Adjusted Prices.