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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship 1.3a

A solo/duo operated gunship with set of weapon, projectiles switching and a lot of other features.


    Probably last update for now since I got work and things to deal with in life at the moment. Making this vehicle has been fun while it lasted, I don't know if there would be additional updates after this but we'll see. For now I hope you guys enjoy what this mod turn out to be.
    Sorry for the sudden change of controls, I just wanna make things a bit easier for everyone and for myself when using the gunship. I find it really annoying whenever I want to flip, breaks or slow my gunship I always accidentally cycle my projectiles. I rearrange those controls to avoid it from happening.

    With this arrangement you can shoot and cycle your weapon even if you're holding space.
    [HMG] Cycle from [SPC]+[LMB] to [F]+[S2]+[LMB]
    [LCH] Cycle from [SPC]+[RMB] to [F]+[S2]+[RMB]
    [RLG] Cycle from [F]+[SPC]+[LMB] to [F]+[S3]+[LMB]
    [CLB] Cycle from [F]+[SPC]+[RMB] to [F]+[S3]+[RMB]

    So you won't accidentally deploy it when using the [RLG] or [CLB] while moving the gunship.
    [FLR] from [F]+(S) to [S2]+[S3]

    I moved this to make space for the cycle controls, A bit more complicated but its toggleable and not everyone would press this buttons as often anyways.
    [MSC1] from [F]+[S2] to [F]+[S2]+[S3]+[W]
    [MSC2] from [F]+[S3] to [F]+[S2]+[S3]+[A]
    [MSC3] from [S2]+[S3] to [F]+[S2]+[S3]+[D]

    I also updated the codex according too the changes I did for the controls.

    Other Changes since 1.3a Release:
    -I forgot to reset the Auto-Hover & Auto-Land timer when I was testing the drones for the blue gunship, now its the same as the rest for the gunships.
    -Removed the unused droneProjectile that has been showing in the logs.
    -Applied the codex controls update.

    Till next time I hope~ Cheers!
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