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[WIP] Creative Mode 1.6.7 Glad Giraffe

Mod that allows you to spawn any item in-game without any trouble.

  1. matrix1368

    Started remaking the mod. Expect it soon.


    29th of May 2018
    Alright so I've been on break for too long because of work and school so I'm going to start today with updating.

    Also we are looking for people to help out with the mod for faster production. People with good creative ideas, and know coding. You must have skype so we can be able to talk to you.


    Creative Mode Mod INFO

    As the creator of this mod, I have less and less time to put into developing this.
    I hereby give everybody permission to alter, add, extend and modify the current code
    and release it as their own. The only thing I ask for is to credit me as the original creator
    of the existing code and linking back to this thread whenever you do use it. Furthermore,
    I am completely fine with any modpacks including this mod, as long as they credit
    the authors of all mods in that particular modpack for what work they have put into it
    - aMannus.
    The CreativeMode mod is aimed for providing a helpful tool for players to do what they want to do. The idea is taken from the game Minecraft, where this exact mode was introduced to help players build bigger projects. This mod aims to provide this same sort of experience (if not more), all through adding in-game items
    For more information click here

    Tips? Ideas? Tell me :)

    Feel free to review this mod. I'd love to receive any tips or ideas.

    Changelog [Latest Version 1.6.5; Glad Giraffe]
    * Added Tool Unlocker, unlocks the Matter Manupulator module, wiring mode and Painting mode.
    * Added the Yellow Box, A.K.A. Weapon Box. Lets you spawn all guns in game.

    Current Features

    Ultimate Box.
    The backbone of the mod. This box will provide all items that are added by the mod. This can be seen as the backbone of this mod, and the start of where you can decide how much you want to make use of this mod. In short, if you don't use this box, this mod won't affect you.

    Spawning items

    With the addition of three new custom crafting tables (the Spawning Box, the Furniture Box and the Weaponn Box) which can craft all items from the vanilla game and gives you the possibillity to craft all weapons from Starbound. On top of that, two seperate duplicators are added. There's even custom filter buttons for all of the boxes to find the items you're looking for that much easier! If you want to get just a few more of a building block or furniture piece, the duplicator is there for you. One for duplicating one item at a time, one for duplicating a 100 at a time. Sadly, neither the two spawning boxes OR the duplicators work with randomly generated items.

    Tech enhancements

    This mod adds it's own custom tech, called the Creative Mode Flight. It offers complete air control without energy cost. Good for building massive projects or just flying around for fun. Also adds an item that unlocks all tech in the game for your character.

    Tier by tier unlockers

    Items that can unlock Starmap upgrades one sector at a time, and items that can unlock crafting tiers one tier at a time. Of course, the vanilla Starmap upgrades are also in the Spawning Box to use. (Currently on hold in Upbeat Giraffe as starmap upgrades changed fundamentally)

    The Ultimate Chest

    A chest with 256 inventory slots. Helpful for storing those materials while building a big project!

    Combat enhancing items

    A set of invincible armor, an overpowered gun and an overpowered sword. For those moments you either want to build or test something without having to worry about enemies.

    Liquid spawning guns

    They're guns that spawn liquids. Yay.

    Other helpful items

    There's quite a few items that can help make gameplay easier (for building, for example) or help you get back to the point you were before a character wipe. There's a way to spawn pixels. There's a panacea that has a high fuel value, heals you and gives you other boosts. Oh, and there's a super matter manipulator, for clearing those bigger areas faster.

    Ship Upgrader
    This will unlock the blueprint for the Condor Class ship. It also gives you 10 upgrade modules so you can upgrade it without any problems.

    Tool Unlocker
    An item that unlocks the AI Command that allows you to get the three basic tools.
    The Matter Manipulator, Wiring Tool and the Paiting Tool.

    You can download the last version below here. If you want to update it yourself. Go ahead. Maybe in a month or something I'll start again.

    Current Version: 1.6.6 for Glad Giraffe Download
    For older versions click here

    For more information click here

    How to install

    1. Remove any CheatArmor, CheatEquipment or CreativeMode folders if you installed this mod previously. This is important.

    2. Click that fancy download button and wait for it to complte.
    3. Unpack the .rar file and copy the Creative Mode map to X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods
    4. Start up Starbound. Then press the Crafting button (Standard C) and craft the Ultimate Box.
    5. The Ultimate Box is placeable. Place it down and press the interaction button (Standard E).

    More Information

    For more information please visit the orginal thread from aMannus. HERE


    - Chuckefish: For making this awesome game and making it so damn easily moddable. I hope this mod proves that even someone that didn't mod anything before and has limited programming knowledge, can still put out some cool stuff because of the ridiculously easy to use API.
    - @aMannus: For making this awesome mod.
    - @EvilEngineer: Providing a script to generate .recipe files from an excel version. This helped me tremendously by creating the recipe files for the spawning box.
    - @SpaceKitten For allowing me to use his expanded shiplocker files to make my own custom chest.
    - @Capt_slowpoke For providing me with new art for the duplicators. They look amazing!
    - @MrMagical & @Errors4l For providing tools and general help to find missing items in the boxes.
    - @Montt helping out with the mod, and updating website. He's weird... jk.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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