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winterbraid's Planetary Clocks: Rewound! 1.0

A revival of an old but excellent mod!

  1. Bagheera Magaro
    This is the Starbound Forums publishing of my Steam upload of a revival of winterbraid's Planetary Clocks mod (found here: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/planetary-clocks.3439/ ). Now we can all have clocks again!

    Quoted from the Steam publication:
    My first outdated/antique mod restoration project! Over on the Starbound forums, there is/was a mod by winterbraid that provided planetary clocks (found here ).

    It came complete with:
    1. A comprehensive alarm function that can activate the clock's wire node
    2. Multiple color options using the paint tool
    3. Multiple analog clock displays and 1 digital clock display
    4. And, of course, the ability to display what time it was on whatever planet it was on

    But it didn't work in modern Starbound because of various changes to the Starbound mod API that were made after that mod was created. So, since winterbraid had generously set the permissions for that mod such that others were allowed to change/modify the mod freely, I decided to update the mod so it could work in modern Starbound.

    However, though I tried my best (I did manage to fix the clock displays on my own at least!), in the end most of the credit for this update/restoration mod should go to the far more experienced modder, C0bra5, who guided me through making a new GUI for the alarm system, fixed it so the analog clocks could be recolored, and helped me fix things I would have taken a lot longer to solve.

    Please enjoy this wonderful, very useful mod! And, since I'm publishing this mod here and on the Starbound forums with the same permissions as the original, feel free to use this mod's code to make your own clocks too! Because clocks should be more than just decorative wall ornaments.

    winterbraid of the Starbound Forums, for making the original Planetary Clocks Mod,
    PenguinToast of the Starbound Forums, for making PenguinGUI which the Planetary Clocks mod used,
    [Betabound] Silver Sokolova of Steam and the Starbound Discord, for providing a copy of the old Mod Unpacker used to unpack the now outdated .modpack filetype the original Planetary Clocks mod was saved as,
    [Combinable Augments] C0bra5 of Steam and the Starbound Discord, for using this mod as a chance to teach me how GUIs for Starbound mods are made, teaching me how they work, and doing most of the difficult coding in the process,
    and Bagheera Magaro AKA Dr. Ferrocene AKA Lost AKA myself, the writer of this description and original instigator of this restoration project.

    P.S., the 135 change logs created during the creation of this mod are entirely my fault, not C0bra5's. Remember, you should keep your experimental mods in your Starbound mods folder instead of doing what I did and uploading every iteration to Steam, even if you keep the mod hidden until it's ready.

    End of quotation. Anywho, as I mentioned, feel free to use the code from this to make your own, fully functional, alarm clocks!
    P.S., You should probably contact me or C0bra5 through Steam for support rather than through here. I'm online way more often. You could also try the Starbound Discord.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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