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Whobound 3.1.3

Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Coats, Sandshoes, 3D-Glasses, Long Scarfes, Fezes, Bananagun + soon more

  1. Jodi and more

    Some updates
  2. Upgrade Complete

    New Cyberman species and perks, still working out some kinks but it's been too long since an update and I felt you all deserved some type of update.
  3. Lots of updates

    New Objects, New Costumes and some fine tuning... Oh yea, and paintable blocks.
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  4. The Timelord (Protectorate)

    1) Updated quality of life to the Protectorate mission and created a species specific map that will not conflict with the vanilla races. Now the tutorial mission finally feels like a mini Doctor Who episode. :)

    2) Updated quality of life to Sonic Upgrade cinematics.
  5. Bug Fix

    1.) Added missing cinematics that would cause the game to crash.

    Hopefully this hits all the bugs at the moment. Now off to do actual development on this mod, not just bug hunting :)
  6. Bug Fix

    1.) Repaired missing mission chains and contacts.

    Hopefully this fixes any questing issues, let me know if I missed something :)
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  7. Bug Fix

    1.) Repaired story quest templates so that you're able to turn them into Esther once more.

    Damn devs cosmetically changing 1 line of code... :p
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  8. Bug Fix

    1.) Repaired issues with the TARDIS Console causing the game to crash upon interaction.

    Navigation is back online :)
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  9. Mannequin Bug Fix

    1.) Addressed issues with items causing game crashes/lockouts when placed onto the Mannequin Displays.

    I do apologize for the delays with this patch. It took me a while to find the solution to the Mannequin only to discover I was overthinking the solution...

    I will have new content on the way soon after my visit to Comicon this month, so please be patient with me :)
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  10. More bug fixes

    1) Repaired missing recipe requirements, hopefully that got all the generic items.

    2) Repaired K9, he functions properly now.
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