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Outdated Whobound - Itempack Re-Authored

Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Coats, Sandshoes, 3D-Glasses, Long Scarfes, Fezes, Bananagun + soon more

  1. The Enemy Vanity Update | V8.1

    Version 8.1
    or "The Enemy Vanity Update"
    • Added Clockwork Robot disguise
    • Added Cybermen head mask *
    • Added Friendly Ood Mask...
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  2. New more frequent updates! | V.8

    Version 8
    or "The Re-do some stuff Update"

    - Added Bad Wolf graffiti (small & large)
    - Added Bad Wolf TARDIS
    - Added new golden blood-diamond Sonic Screwdriver

    - Changed Small & Large Fez sprite
    - Fixed some suit sprites
    - Changed TARDIS interfaces
    - Changed K9 interface sligthly
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  3. The ~*kawaii*~ Update | Calm before the storm of new stuff | V7.6

    The ~*kawaii*~ Update V7.6
    or "The calm before the storm"-Update

    Since the site got changed into a more ~*kawaii*~ style for April 1st let's just release a Doctor Who item that fits to that...

    The 10th Doctor's Lei (Flower Garland) he wore in the beginning of his last adventure.
    But for us this update signals the beginning of a new...
  4. The Dalek Update | V7.5

    Version 7.5
    The Dalek Update

    The 200+ Items Update gets delayed again... sorry I didn't have much time last week

    - Added Dalek Enemies (6 Colors)
    - Added Dalek placeable objects (6 Colors)
    - Added Dalek Creaturepods (6 Colors)
  5. The K9 Update, preparation for 200+ new items | V.7

    Version 7
    The K9 Update, preparation for 200+ new items
    • Added K9 (Combines your items + upgrades Sonic Screwdrivers)
    • Added Secret "Flashlight"-Item
    • Some Crafting Recipes changed
    • Added Timelord Robe...
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  6. "hot"-fix for the Bananagun-Crash | V. 6.52

    Just fixed a bug with bananagun's projectile that would cause the game to crash when it hit enemies.

    And the bananagun no longer requires a banana to craft in "cheaty" mode.
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  7. Nothing interesting. | V.6.51

    Version 6.51
    Nothing interesting
    • Just changed the race-descriptions for the Time Lord Painting
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  8. The "Suit and Coats" update | V. 6.5

    Version 6.5
    The "Suits and Coats" Update

    • Added Blue Suit
    • Added Brown Suit
    • Added stand-alone Coat
    • Recipe for Coat+Blue Suit...
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  9. Enraged Koala and Enraging Mod Makers Runtime Errors | V.6

    This update just adds compatibility for the "Enraged Koala" update for Starbound.

    Everything SHOULD work, but I can't test it on my pc at the moment because of some (probably) non mod-related errors when trying to open a character.

    I will look into this when I get back from school tommorow. (German time)
  10. More Screwdrivers! | V4.3

    Version 4.3
    The Screwdriver Update

    Just added the War Doctor's and
    9th/10th Doctor's Sonic
    in this update.