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Outdated Weaponised Bows - More damage and more loot 1.1

Now you can craft weaponised versions of all hunting bows, and a couple more that don't exist yet!

  1. Xuhybrid
    Weaponised Bows - More damage and more loot

    Now you can craft weaponised versions of all hunting bows, and a couple more that don't exist yet!
    This means that you no longer get an inventory full of meat and leather when all you want is PIXELS,
    among other items of course. This mod does not replace any existing items, but the upgrades and
    resource requirements match the hunting bows in parallel.

    The latest version supports Tabula Rasa and the latest modding file structure.




    Simply extract this zip archive into your /Starbounds/mods folder and you are ready to go. The modding
    scene and functionality is constantly shifting and is definitely unfinished, so installing multiple mods
    with changes to the player.config is going to be difficult for me to support.

    - Tabula Rasa -

    A solution which i have chosen to support, is a pretty handy new crafting table called the Tabula Rasa.
    It allows you to cook a torch in a campfire to make a new crafting table. This table does not require you
    to know any blueprints so all of the items i have added will show up for you. The legacy crafting options
    are still in place, so once you pick up the items from the Tabula Rasa, you will learn the blueprints.

    If Tabula Rasa is not up to date yet, you can add a .modinfo file for it and put it into the mods folder
    with absolutely no problems. There's details on the forums if you need them.


    The player.config file is optional, and i highly recommend you to use the Tabula Rasa. However, if you need
    to install multiple mods manually, you can add the following line to your /Starbound/assets/player.config
    inside your tier1 defaultBlueprints list.

    { "item" : "weaponisedbow" },

    If you are using the Tabula Rasa, feel free to delete the player.config i have provided.


    Make sure you properly uninstall any files added by older installations of this mod. Due to the new modding
    structure, we can all put our files in one unified directory. If you try to launch the game with duplicate
    items of the same name, the loading screen will crash and will never stop loading. Be sure to check your
    starbound.log to debug any problems you encounter.

    Updates / License

    I have no plans to update this mod so if it falls out of date, you are welcome to take
    this mod and use it for your own purposes. You are free to include it in any mod packs.

    You must credit me for all the files you use.

    Good luck,


    1. example.png
    2. example2.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Piguhz
    Version: 1.1
    This is a good mod, however the energy use NEEDS to be scaled down.
    1. Xuhybrid
      Author's Response
      The energy is dealt with by the core game. But i do agree. Once you hit the Impervium (final) tier you can literally cast Blink without running out lol.