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Weapon Megapack 1.32.1

Brings back weapons from pre-1.0 versions.

  1. 1.32.1 - Small fix

    Removed boneswoosh projectile.
  2. 1.32 - AK-47

    - Added AK-47
    - Tweaked some weapons


    1. 28.PNG
    2. 29.PNG
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  3. 1.31 - Polearms

    - Added two medieval polearm types: Fauchard and Voulge
    - Decreased lag spikes caused by some weapons


    1. 27.PNG
  4. 1.30 - P90 extensions

    - Added lots of new textures to P90, now comes with muzzlers, scopes, different barrel lenghts etc.


    1. 25.PNG
    2. 26.PNG
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  5. 1.29 - P90

    - Added P90, A completely new gun with a custom sprite and heavily randomized colour patterns.


    1. 23.PNG
    2. 24.PNG
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  6. 1.28 - Bugfix

    - Big thanks to xaliber for fixing the bug that made biome-based weapons not spawn.
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  7. 1.27 - Lots of bugfixes

    • Fixed bug where vanilla weapons didn't spawn.
    • Fixed biome loot being only weapons, but had to disable all biome-based weapon spawns because I couldn't get the patching right.
    • Fixed explosives being exclusively WMP hand grenades, vanilla explosives and throwables spawn now.
    Some weapons are currently only available through commands, but i will try to add them back to their biomes, or add other ways to obtain them.
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  8. 1.26 - Fixes and daggers

    - Decreased some weapon drop rates (especially grenades)
    - Possibly fixed some lag problems.
    - Added Ancient Dagger
    - Added new textures to Ancient Broadsword


    1. 22.PNG
  9. 1.24 - Bugfixes

    - amirmiked12 fixed some game crashing bugs and broadsword hand positions.
    - All hammer and axe hand positions fixed.
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  10. 1.23

    Added Novakid Revolver and Novakid Rifle
    Novakid wpns.png