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Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. Editing Stats and Requirements

    Changes :

    - Temporarily removed Tier 2 weapons, why? Because with all these changes it was best to start from the ground up. I will bring them back and they'll hopefully be better than what they once were.

    - Dmg of all weapons has been decrease for some while increased for others so energy consumption is not as bad as it once was.

    - I could not figure what sort of ore(s) to use for each weapon so for now it will stay as pixels.

    - Skana, Lato, and Braton are 1 pixel each for starter gear.

    - Arsenal and Foundry are 1 pixel now, so you may start your warframe fun a little earlier.

    - Hydroid is now 1 pixel for a starter warframe until more warframes are added, then the price will go back up while a new warframe will be the starter warframe.

    - Prices of all weapons have been changed accordingly...

    - Pistols (secondary) - 25 pixels

    - Rifles (primary) - 100 pixels

    - Special primaries such as ignis, gorgon, and dread are 100+ pixels for their higher dmg output.

    - 1handed melee - 25 pixels
    - 2handed melee - 75 pixels

    What is Next?

    Now that I added Hydroid and changed the stats and requirements of all the items I will take a day for break then start working on the next warframe. Who will it be? Well it will be pretty random. I am thinking Valkyr or Nyx though.

    Note(s) :

    Yeah, there will be male and female version of every warframe, why? because it is only like 6 extra frames of work. Which is hardly anything. I also believe some way want a male or female version of a warframe they like but never could have that before, so I'll make it.

    I also want to let you know as a long term plan I want to add syandanas.
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