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Outdated Wabbels with normal looking full customizable ship 2.4 (Enraged Koala)

Wabbels do "stuff", but they don't mean it bad.

  1. Solid-ship

    All ship-objects should now be solid (before they were platforms). So you can't fall out of the ship if you go everytime right (The cocpit is save)
    The material-blocks sounds like light-metal, light-wood, component and wood.
    All objects have a health like bamboo or apexshipwall (materials: 20, objects: 5). So its not so easy to destroy.

    Warning: if you load the ship with this update some edges will fall down (and the cocpit), because i changed the way how they could be placed. You have 2 ways to fix this:
    1. Built a SC-Station, craft the missing parts and put them on the right place (look at the picture in the overview, about 7 parts to craft)
    2. Put everthing away from your ship (also everthing in the shiplocker), save your 3 charfiles at at save place and delete the original shipfile of this char. Then load the char again and a new ship will appear.

    Delete the old wabbel-folder. This version comes with a *.pak-file. So the game loads faster. A unpacker and repack-batch-file is there too, but then the unpack, repack and wabbel.pak-files need to be is this direction: ..../Starbound/mods/wabbel

    Please feedback this mod. Thanks.
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