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Voided: Expansion Mod (WIP) 0.3.0

Extended Story, rethought from the ground up

  1. Release 0.3.0: The Toxic Wasteland

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Added the Toxic Wasteland biome (and all associated content)
    • Added objects to point the player toward Voltropolis in the core layer of the Voltage biome.

    • Removed the "Requires TerraLib" announcement.
    • Reworked the way Tech Chips unlock tech (not to be confused with the Tech Card, a vanilla item used to unlock tech upgrades).
    • Added grouping to the crafting recipes in the Ancient Fabricator
    • Updated the sprite of the...
  2. Release 0.2.3

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Added an announcement to let players know that Voided will soon require TerraLib to function properly.
  3. Release 0.2.2

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Added the Railgun. You can find it in the Coil Caves minibiome.

    • Moved the Ancient Stronghold's entrance to the Strange Asteroid, which orbits at the edge of Outsider Star systems.
    • Buffed the Electric Executioner's primary ability a bit.
    • Added some finishing touches to the Electric Executioner
    • Changed the Electric Edge's alt ability to Volt Injection, which stabs an enemy. If that enemy dies within one second afterwards, they explode...
  4. Release 0.2.1: Voltropolis

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Added Voltropolis, a city located near the bottom of Voltage worlds.
    • Added Voltropolis Raider, a miniboss located in Voltropolis
    • Added the Voltage and Rusted Voltage Terraformers, both of which can be crafted at the Terraforge
    • Added Currentcrawlers and Electrojellies, both of which can be encountered in Voltropolis
    • Added Microformer Core, an item that has a chance to replace microformers in drop pools
    • Added B. Metal Microformer
    • Added Cu. Desert...
  5. Release 0.2.0: The Voltage Update

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Voltage planet type
      • Voltage (normal and rusty variants)
      • Copper Desert
      • Oxidized Copper Desert
      • Electric Forest
      • Voltage Spikes
      • Rusted Voltage Spikes
      • Charged Hills
      • Oxidized Charged Hills
      • Shallow Electrified Caves (normal, ruins, traps)
      • Electrified Caves (normal, traps)
      • Deep Electrified Caves
      • Electrified Core
    • Weapons
      • Electric Edge
      • Electric Executioner
      • Lightning Gun
      • Nail Gun
      • Tesla Rifle
      • The...
  6. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Fixed a critical issue present in _metadata.
    • Please do not download v0.1.1. Use this version instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Release 0.1.1

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Fixed exploit in the laser section of the Ancient Stronghold
    • Fixed player detection issue in the first room of the enemy section in the Ancient Stronghold
    • Replaced anvil image with Ancient Fabricator image in the Ancient Fabricator's interface
    • Changed racial descriptions for Ancient Stronghold gateway console
    • Fixed light color for Ancient Stronghold teleporters