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Voided: Expansion Mod (WIP) 0.2.1

Extended Story, rethought from the ground up

  1. Release 0.2.1: Voltropolis

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    • Added Voltropolis, a city located near the bottom of Voltage worlds.
    • Added Voltropolis Raider, a miniboss located in Voltropolis
    • Added the Voltage and Rusted Voltage Terraformers, both of which can be crafted at the Terraforge
    • Added Currentcrawlers and Electrojellies, both of which can be encountered in Voltropolis
    • Added Microformer Core, an item that has a chance to replace microformers in drop pools
    • Added B. Metal Microformer
    • Added Cu. Desert Microformer
    • Added Ch. Hills Microformer
    • Added Ox. Hills Microformer
    • Added Ox. Desert Microformer
    • Added Elec. Forest Microformer
    • Added Cl. Arc Microformer
    • Added Rusted Arc Microformer
    • Added Elec. Caves Microformer
    • All the above microformers can be crafted at the Terraforge using Microformer Cores
    • Added Broken Fridge
    • Added Broken Metal Table
    • Added Power Cubes
    • Reworked the Prison's intro cutscene internally.
    • Batterjaws now wait a brief moment before activating after spawning
    • War Drones have a longer gun windup time.
    • All Voided items, weapons, etc. display a unique icon in their tooltips / item descriptions
    • Renamed Extradimensional Stars to Outsider Stars (name was too long)
    • Outsider Stars now have diagonal spokes instead of cardinal spokes (to make them at least a bit more distinguishable from Arcana's Superstorm Stars)
    • Renamed Charged Gemstone Piece to Charged Gem Piece
    • Made projectiles with light sources flippable
    • The Ancient Fabricator Core now glows if the FutaraDragon Fullbright Shader is installed
    • The Prison's Protector has a higher script delta (so its orbit animation is smooth)
    • Enabled multiple players to enter the enemy section of the Ancient Stronghold at the same time.
    • Core lightning no longer spawns inside tile-protected regions
    • Pairing trap projectiles now disappear instantly when entering tile-protected regions
    • [More Planet Info] Copper Typhoons and Oxidized Copper Typhoons have proper threat levels.
    • [More Planet Info] Reassigned threat levels for most weather types
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Batterjaws not handling the "despawn" message at all
    • Fixed Ancient Remote Teleporter's animation not working right if multiple players teleport at the same time
    • Fixed the Prison's doors opening if a player dies but another player is still in the arena.
    • Fixed Voltite ore having its effects applied for each player within a single region. This meant that Voltite sparks were more intense as the number of players in close proximity to one another increased.
    • Fixed electrical currents blocking player projectiles.
    • Fixed the player being able to trap themselves inside the upper portion of the Prison's arena if they are fast enough
    • Fixed the Prison waking up if one player is right at the entrance and the arena resets.
    • Fixed the player being able to get trapped inside the secondary door of the Prison (the one right before the right side's exit)
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