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USS Polaris (Tiered USCM deep-space Frigate) beta 1.7.1 (+ mod)

A large military frigate for people willing to play human and nomadic lifestyle...

  1. Late Starbound release build and transparency.

    Hello everyone.
    I know i'm a few weeks late, starbound is released since 22 of july...and we are...oh well, the 14 of august x)

    Here is finally a functionnal version of the polaris frigate.
    Notice that its still a beta build (devellopment isnt finished yet, more features should come), but it should work now with 1.0 build of starbound and the next ones.
    - The main new feature is that now, most of the ship have as default background some destructible invisible polymer blocks, usefull to place different items on walls without losing the default background image (and the avoiding the annoying matters block to spawn all around and paint). Those blocks are revealed normally while painted, and craftable at the first crafting station after inventor table, i dont rememeber the exact name, for 1 coal ore/10 blocks (if any bug at this, tell me, just dont have been able to verify, since I dont remember the command to unlock it).
    - Also, boosters frames are displayed as intended while entering and exiting FTL jump; i also enlarged the current teleporter room to make it compatible with the last big ship teleporters.
    This ship isnt really tiered for the moment,its still a creative version (better finishing the game once normally before using it to not spoil everything with a cheaty ship like this). I will post a poll soonto know if I must make a custom scenario with codexes, or add docked the wrecked ship of each race to justify the boarding of the ship (abandonned by uscm crew, stripped by pirates, who knows...), wreck that is abandonned in orbit of your first world once reaching booster fixing tiers (I could even make a version of the ship as an object you can place on the ground of your first base's landing pad)...
    - With tiering, you can now have a large crew, wich size increase up to 50 at tier 8 (yes, its a very large crew for a big ship, hoping chucklefish will also fix engineer problem about fuel in the meantime).

    As always, if there is any problem (like incompatibilities with other mods), if you have any suggestion, let me know if possible in the dedicated thread, i'll always try to give an answer.
    I'm planning to add a custom ship equipment in the next future, and a few others features like this, and certainly a workshop support...
    Sorry for the long wait, hope you will enjoy this mod ^^
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