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USS Polaris (Tiered USCM deep-space Frigate) beta 1.7.1 (+ mod)

A large military frigate for people willing to play human and nomadic lifestyle...

  1. Punished by Kluex

    Just a quickfix there.
    I was so tired last night that I completly forgot to include the avians as allowed to play with this ship (In my mind, I was still thinking that there were only 6 races in starbound ><), now its repaired.
    Thanks for all your reviews, this simple ship project have acquired a greater visibility that I would have expected while posting it for the first time on the forums ^^
    PS: oh, and before I forget, I left a small corner in the fore part of the ship, just where the name is, so you can with the fabricator merchant in the outpost rename the frigate and make it truly yours ^^
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