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Outdated United Systems Enhancement [0.25]

New dungeon, weapons, armors, furniture, craftable guns and even more.

  1. RaTmAnPL
    Let me tell some words before, well, everything.

    This mod is supposed to be much bigger than it's now . I'm planning at least 4 new dungeons, before 1.0 version. (And I mean REALLY new dungeons. Not only with stuff which is already in the game, but with completely new thingies. )

    You may ask: "Then why the hell did you uploaded it now?"

    Answer is simple: I need opinions, feedback, and even new ideas, to make something greater than it would be, if I'd work alone all this time. And of course, to give you new stuff to the game, even if it isn't final version.

    And now, let's go to the fun part.


    United Systems Enhancement is about us - humies. It develops the current state of humans in Starbound, let's say a little higher. In other words: A little above the silly psychopaths sitting in bunkers and shooting to everything in line of sight.
    (But it does not mean, that there'll be no more psychopaths!)

    This mod adds (or will add) big variance of stuff. Weapons, armors, dungeons, items, techs, furniture and even more.

    Current features:

    - Crafting system - Craft armors and your own guns!
    - Completely new dungeon - Human Colony.
    - 6 new random generated weapon types - for all your shooting needs.
    - 2 decorative (but only for now) armors, military and sci-fi themed.
    - Over 50 new objects and tiles, mostly human sci-fi stuff. All of them can be found in the colony.
    - Microdungeons.
    - Custom spawner.
    - Higher-tiered medical items.

    A little closer look

    On tier 2, you'll get acces to crafting system. Let me tell something about it.

    Currently, crafting system is rather small. Still, it gives you something, that in normal starbound was not possible to get through crafting - Guns.

    There are 2 crafting stations for now:
    (They are craftable in robotic crafting table)

    USCM Equipment Panel

    USCM Old Gear Market

    In the first one, you can craft armors, and magazines - magazines are used to crafting guns and they are responsible for tiers.

    In the Market, you can get fast and cheap "Rusty" class wepons (for now only pistols), and weapon parts - they are used to make specific types of weapon in crafting.

    How to craft gun - pic tutorial:


    Current possible to craft guns:
    Pulse Rifle (Tier 3-10)
    Pulse Shotgun (Tier 3-10)
    Pulse Pistol (TIer 2-10)


    Currently, the most important thing in this mod is the Colony.
    It's a small human settlement, founded by survivor groups from Earth, heavily guarded by the C.G. (Colonial Guard) forces. Behave, or you'll end up as bag filled with bullets.

    Most of colonies have 3 main trading points.
    First is clinic, the main medical building in settlement. You can get there some high-quality medical items from doctors.
    Then is the colonial merchant, who sometimes setting up a small trading post in colonies. Recognized by his truck, he's selling some handy items, food and crops.
    Last, and probably the most important is the arms dealer. You can find in his shop armors and weapons used by USCM forces. Great quality, but also high prices.

    Random house​

    Some C.G. watchtower.


    Colony merchant

    Arms dealer

    Sometimes during your journey you'll also encounter some lonely colonial buildings, most likely abandoned though.


    You can say whatever you want, but this thing will always be true. Humans have talent in making killing machines.

    There are 6 new weapon types currently:

    Pulse Shotgun: A little outdated version, but still popular due to its reliability and tight spread. Not slow, not fast, medium damage.
    Pulse Pistol: Standard issue USCM pistol. Slower than standard pistols and more energy-consuming, but dealing more damage.
    Pulse Sniper: Used by sharpshooters, it's very reliable weapon. Automatic fire, not very energy-consuming, dealing reasonable damage.
    Heavy Pulse Rifle: A true beast. Insane fire rate, big damage, but will eat your energy bar in seconds.
    Pulse Grenade Launcher: Standard issue pulse rifles have grenade launcher mounted under the barrel. No one knows, why it doesn't shoots. That's why there is also model which shoots grenades, but can't shoots with bullets. Very slow, energy-consuming, dealing great damage.
    Pulse Flamethrower: Standard pulse rifle with flamethrower machanism - popular especially among the ship crews. Works pretty much in same way as other flamethrowers.

    Pulse Rifle with bayonet - No ammo? For real soldier it's not a problem! Mount your bayonet under the barrel, and continue fight like a men!

    (Most of them have over 684 combinations, including colors!)

    There are 2 craftable armor sets for now:

    The Colony Guard Armor and its Upgraded version - Tiers 6 and 7. Provides less armor points than orginal armors, but bigger amount of energy. Great for ranged players.
    (Craftable in USCM Equipment Panel)​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Tactical armor is a cosmetic set. You can get it in the Colony.

    Medical Stuff

    Sick of low-tiered medi-items? Than maybe this will interest you:

    Military Stim - Works instantly, better than standard medkit.
    Military Medkit - A superior version of standard medkit.
    Modified Stimpack - A superior version of standard red stimpack.

    (For purchase only in the clinic [For now] )

    And that's all for now folks! To the next update!

    (Installation guide, if anyone needs, inside the file)

    To-do list:
    - Moar guns and melee weaponry.
    - Armors.
    - More dungeons.
    - Crafting.
    - More object/tiles/items.
    - Fixin'/Upgradin' things.

    Probably-will-do list:
    - Custom enemies.
    - Even more dungeons!
    - Underground, moon, and asteroid fields thingies.
    - Techs

    Could-do-but-not-sure list:
    - Boss(es?)
    - Other races stuff. (But still United Systems related)
    - Custom sounds
    - Farmables
    - Dungeons codex

    And for the end:

    These things takes time. I'm one-man-army, from doing sprites, to programming. So, if there'll be updates, they will appear not very often. However, updates also are supposed to be bigger than 2 or 3 new small items, so it's (probably) worth the wait.

    I'm open to any suggestions and help.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. maxpowe99934
    Version: [0.25]
    I recommend that you add some rebel soldiers and military minerals
  2. Jackie2581
    Version: [0.25]
    awesome mod had a lot of potential unfortunately it is outdated and appears to be dead
  3. ravenvalentine
    Version: [0.25]
    i already rated it a 5 its really nice to see some one toke care of the (( ALL HUMANS MUST BE KILLED )) thing in the game making it fun for all the USCM among us however i have a small problem to report and its easily fixed

    the bed dose not turn xD it only can be placed facing left if you try to make it face right you end up sleeping backwords on the bed while the beds graphics stick still lol other then that very nice
  4. Kaiser2001
    Version: [0.25]
    I really want this to work but it breaks my game. Back to being gunned down by pissy humans I guess.
  5. Yeoramis
    Version: [0.25]
    Man i installed the mod in my version ENRAGED KOALA but when i tried to probe it in the game i can't find the craftin USCM PANELL and the other i'm in tier lvl 10 and i used many mods but only this one is my problem that i cant found the crafters please can you help me with this problem???
  6. XxD3v1lD0g303xX
    Version: [0.25]
    Absolutely love the mod so far, one problem though, it seems i cant craft the panels for the armor and the gun parts, is there a conflict? or am i stupid idiot and COMPLETELY missing it?
  7. midii
    Version: [0.25]
    Okay first off Great job man, second off Just an idea Why not add zombie enemies like in the space stations eh or abandon bunkers? Keep it up bro!!!
  8. Maks2123
    Version: [0.25]
    I love this mod ! It's adding more sense to play the humans and more logic to their story (like where are all of those other human's that flied from earth ? Now we have an answer : In Colonies ! ) And I would like Crosps to buy in this colonies like (example) "GM Corn" (GM - genetickaly modified) that would give 5 corns and 3 plant matter (for example) but the seeds would cost a lot (like 500 pixels). Oh and Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease add some mech like artillery or tanks.

    Ps. Sorry for my bad englisch and ortography but I have some issues with that stuff and I'm stiulll learning it because I'm from Poland.
  9. Bagel
    Version: [0.25]
    Finally! I absolutely love the designs for human architecture and items in this mod! This would definitely work in the final build!
  10. Sidewinder
    Version: [0.25]
    This game extension is simply excellent. I love the humans and especially the USCM. The colony guard armors and weapons really fit into the Starbound Universe.

    Well made, my friend! :)