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Outdated TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc S 6-12-14 / N 10-1-14

A slightly different flavor for TouhouBound!

  1. Nightly build available!

    The Enraged Koala version of TouhouBound: Reiji's Arc will no longer be updated, but it will still be available until the Nightly overhauls roll in.

    A link to the Nightly version has been posted on the mod page as well as right here.

    The current features include:
    • All vanity clothing ported in (all still craftable from the Yarn Spinner for 20 Fabric)
    • All weapon artifacts ported in (serve no...
  2. Slowing down...

    Ever had that feeling where you just wanna be a lazy butt over the summer? Yeah, I have that feeling. Mod updates will probably be slow for the time being. I'll still keep an eye on things in case any major bugs occur or something, but until the fall or so, don't expect much.

    I also blame the fact that I haven't heard anything at all from Kitaen or anyone else in the dev group. I'll try to contact them every now and then.

    Anyway, I did a few more clothing fixes as usual, added Yuuka's...
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  3. Doing artifact things.

    Added Kanako's Onbashira, a slow weapon with huge damage, and Utsuho's Control Rod, the first tiered gun to be added. It's like the Buster, and can shoot either small suns, or brutal lasers.

    The Artifact Recycler's tier filters actually work now!

    The Time Orb and Sakura Token now state that they currently have no use, and the Bomb Token also states that it is not used in crafting. I'll give them uses eventually. Just give it some time.
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  4. Shotcards!

    I was roaming through the idea list from the main mod, and I came up with a way to start implementing basic danmaku patterns: Shotcards! So far there are three bullet sizes, three colors, and five patterns (single, 5-way spread, 9-way spread, 6-way circle, 12-way circle).

    ...and anything else I might have added that I can't remember off the top of my head. Expect more danmaku variety and other goodies later on!
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  5. Hotfix + the beginning of danmaku!

    The problem that arose with Rope Platforms and Giant Bamboo was that their items would place the opposite block. Welp, that's fixed now.

    If you look inside the projectiles folder, you will see some goodies related to danmaku! No items yet with which you can use said danmaku, but it will happen as soon as I find an effective method of implementing it. I might make it similar to the Minecraft mod and make throwable danmaku items.
    Starting a new world in that mod is rather interesting...
  6. The End of the Anti-Compression Incident

    Apparently the problem was lots of hidden Thumbs.db files that don't get calculated when determining folder size. I never would've guessed. Anyway, I got plenty of space back and don't have to use the .pak format again. At least, not for a while.

    + Added Cirno's costume, Cirno Statue, and recipes for Cirno and Utsuho Statues.
    + Added (and still working on) female variants to clothing where needed.
    * Minor edits to a few costume pieces and/or their inventory icons.
    * Made most hats' mask.png...
  7. The Anti-Compression Incident

    I tried using a .pak file this time just so I could get the .zip small enough to upload. The .pak is 150% larger than the folder (please tell me that's not normal for .pak files) but the .zip was able to compress that enough for some reason. I'll have to find some way to make this mod compress properly before I can update again. And no promises on the .pak actually working properly. I really just wanted to be able to upload the thing. If it doesn't work, I apologize in advance.

  8. One Valve-Time Later...

    After spawning more mods than a fission reactor, I decided to come back to this mod, the first mod I made.

    * Recolored most costume pieces to allow for dyeing. Existing costume pieces may turn a random color, but newly-crafted ones will have the proper color.
    + Added Nazrin's outfit!
    * Fixed a few back items that would turn invisible when walking backwards. That was me not knowing why that extra line was there at the bottom.

    I haven't talked to anyone in the TouhouBound crew recently so I...
  9. Hotfiiiiix!

    After repeatedly looking over the log, my item files, and vanilla files (I figured out how the unpacker works!), I found out why items weren't loading properly. Nothing new added. I go to bed now.
  10. Furious Koala Update!

    I noticed the assets folder is near-empty now... I wonder what it'll be like for new modders?

    * Updated Utsuho's costume to have separate male and female chest sprites because Deliphin told me the previous version looked like Utsuho had... how do I put this... negative breast size, or something.
    + Added costumes for Mamizou Futatsuiwa (TD-style plus HM-style hat), Flandre Scarlet, Kisume's Bucket hat, Youmu Konpaku's back items, and an alternate Mitori costume that I thought would fit the...