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Outdated Tiered Survival Backpacks 3.3

Lantern sticks combined with survival systerms and gliding, tiered to advance with you!

  1. Derp!

    I'm not sure, but that last zip might have just been the updated modinfo file. So useful! Here is the full mod. xD
  2. Updated modinfo

    Now that I know there are uses for the tags, I've updated the modinfo.
    Thanks, Thundercraft! I pretty much just used what you gave me. Almost forgot to update the mod version again. xD
  3. Replaced Falshlight requirement

    I changed the flashlight requirement with 1 Cerulium bar. Easy to get, and should be on tier with when it gets unlocked. Reasoning: You made the flashlight for your pack from scratch. =P
  4. So Sorry!

    For some reason, the last time I noticed alerts about the discussion on here was Jan 4th? I didn't notice the thumbs.db files because for me, they weren't there. I had to open a zip to find them. My system generated them during compression. :<

    So sorry I was snooty when I discovered the error in the Ultimate Pack recipe myself, as I said, somehow it didn't tell me you guys mentioned it. *sigh*

    I'll keep an eye on those thumbs files. Now to check the other mod I've been working on. >.<
  5. Bug fix

    I found a problem that I missed previously. It would help if people let me know *what* was buggy when they have problems. Hope this fixes it!
  6. No more parachute req

    Okay, instead of a parachute, the Deluxe now requires 100 fabric.
  7. Hybrid pack looks better

    I think this should be polished now! The Hybrid is now based off the air tanks rather then modifying the crayon back item... hybrid.gif
  8. Deluxe pack

    The deluxe pack now uses a green flashlight and I moved where the flashlight is positioned so it is easier to see. deluxe.gif
  9. Spelling...

    Well, if the only error in here is misspelling electric in my enthusiasm, then Squee!

    I'll be working on modifying sprites slightly after I finish fleshing out this mod page.
  10. Derp derp

    My first mod, fixing my upload.