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The Yellow Submarine WIP 6.1

Sky of blue and sea of green. A five person flying submarine.

  1. Graphics Update 2: electric boogaloo

    finished periscopes and propeller graphics - not so pixelly all over now ;)

    add - driver changes animation depending on floating/flying mode
    change - reworked terrain following code, should freak out less when underwater
    change - changed "highly damaged" settings to be less slow (0-25%hp)
    change - "moderately damaged" settings changed to be less slow (25-50% hp)
    add - missing "slightly damaged" movement settings (50-75% hp)
    fix - damage materialKind changed back to wooden
    fix - change base armor to 25 from 0 (i had forgot to change these back after using sub as target for xs mech weapon testing)

    as always, probly more that i changed that i cant recall ;)
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