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Outdated The Token Race 1.01 -- Still a Molter

A race of ancient dinosaur-angel-things from a destroyed sector of the universe

  1. shadowd15
    ntroducing the Token Race!

    The Token were once a proud race of warriors, mages, engineers, craftsmen and pioneers; however, an unforeseen disaster ended their race, and you are one of the sole survivors. Now lost in a foreign quadrant, it's your job to forge yourself a new life among the "lesser" races-- and perhaps make new allies, friends, and memories along the way.

    Token are large humanoids, typically reaching six feet in height with some classes being taller than others. Within their society there were once seven sub-classes: Architects, Artisans, Techno-Mages, Berserkers, Pathfinders, Merchants, and Miners. Each class was defined genetically-- but not at birth. Token hatched from eggs, despite being mammals, and as the children matured they would gradually shed the layer of fine feathers that covered their bodies. However, unlike humans and other species, the Token didn't naturally undergo puberty; they were injected with the DNA of a matured "donor", allowing them to physically mature over the course of a week. As such, molters could choose the class they went into. At the end of the lifespan of their race, the Berserkers were in power.

    As a Token ages, his or her power builds and multiplies in the form of "Biochains". Biochains have multiple uses outside of their bodies, and thus can be externalized. They were primarily externalized in the form of wings and halos, and often used in their technology and weapons.

    Token appear to be large, pale-skinned humans with three fingers and a thumb on each hand; their feet are also more like hands, having a very similar structure to a monkey's. Their long tails are prehensile and often have a "mind" of their own. Their bodies are covered in various areas of scales or "muscle texture", which highlight primary groups of muscles on them; they are far more prominent on the males than on the females, and even more on Berserkers than on any other class. Oftentimes their tails are covered in feathers. The males grow thick, wiry beards that are actually nerves grown out from their bodies; the hair on the scalp of a female's head is made of the same substance. As such, the females can't cut their hair, and the males can't shave; however, since the males' head-hair was not made of the wiry nerves, they could cut it as they wished. Any hair that isn't actually the nerve-growth (the feathers on their tails, for example, and the "hair" that grows on the heads of the males) is instead very fine feathers. Token also don't have eyebrows, and their noses are much flatter than a human's.

    Their tech was highly advanced, allowing them to cross galaxies in an instant long before humans could even think of the stars as a place. But for a long time before their downfall, their development fell into a state of stagnation; they had simply burned out all of their resources, intelligence, and potential for advancement.

    Designwise, their stuff is a sort of mix between Halo, Tron, and various "mystical" sources of inspiration.

    The creator of the Token once described them as "dinosaur angel people". Their ships, tech, and biology are all powered by an almost unheard-of synergy between science and magic. Currently, this mod includes:
    • Custom ships for tiers 0-3! Super duper fancy!
    • A custom AI, who knows he's the one in charge of the ship and tends to be a little drier and less enthusiastic than the default one.
    • Several custom endgame weapons, all craftable at the Anvil for prices that generally involve high-tier materials and Durasteel.
    • Wings and a Halo, craftable at the Spinning Wheel.
    Future plans include:
    • A ship for every tier! Eventually the ship will look like a giant sword.
    • Tiered armors!
    • Customized versions of my personal favorite vanilla armors with tails.
    • Tiered weapons! Token weapons tend to be composed of floating pieces held rigidly in place by magic.
    • Race-specific quests!
    • Lots and lots and lots of vanity relating to the Token universe!
    • A custom pet! (Currently using Orbis. The final pet will be similar to it.)
    • Better starting clothes!
    • And more!

    All credit for the AI sprites goes to my friend, the magnificent Bóia.

    Anyone interested in the project who can help with spriting armors or constructing the later tier ships, feel free to message me.

    2015-07-31_00002.jpg 2015-07-31_00003.jpg 2015-07-31_00005.jpg 2015-07-31_00006.jpg

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