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The Saturnians v1.3.7.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. Saturnians 1.3.7: Space Wizards Part 2

    Saturnians 1.3.7: Space Wizards Part 2
    bee ship2.PNG
    -Added two new ships to stumble upon while you travel through space.
    -Solalei ship, a new design that mostly replaces the mod's existing ship.
    -Waspmim ship, a bee ship with a vendor that sells lower level Waspmim armor.
    The ship from the last update now appears much more rarely. Compared to the Solalei ship it only has cosmetic changes.
    -Some big changes related to Saturnian wings:
    -When wearing Saturnian wings, you gain a slow fall ability instead of a low gravity ability. This makes it harder to trigger a bug with FU's Saturnian Flutter tech, that prevents you from ascending with a gravity-changing status active.
    -Saturnian wings now accept augments like EPPs do.
    -The Wing Augment's effect also has changed to match the wings' changes. The Wing Augment has also had its price changed so it's worth the same as its crafting materials (Now worth 1390 pixels, was only worth 10 before!)
    -Added a new set of "Pixel" wings, themed after the best Gen 6 bug type.

    -Removed most of the one block wide holes from the sky villages to hopefully make NPCs get stuck there less.
    -As previously stated: wearing Saturnian wings no longer turns Frackin Universe/Frackin Races' flight techs into a glide.
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