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The Saturnians v1.3.7.1

Space wizard moth mod

  1. Saturnians 1.3.3 Tenant Update

    Tenant Guide.PNG

    1.3.3 Tenant Update Patch Notes:

    In short:
    • Librarian NPCs spawn in newly generated sky village libraries, that sell crafting guides and a guide on how to spawn every tenant in this mod.
      • Non-Saturnians/Thaumoths can buy crafting guides to learn the recipes for most of the weapons in the mod.
    • Almost every NPC in the mod can be spawned as a tenant.
    • More NPC Dialog, including some for when Saturnians speak to certain modded species.
    • Added two more wing back items.
    • Improved some dye colors.
    • Added a FLYING VEHICLE.
    • Added more object inspection dialog.
    • Added more darker fluff colors to the character creator.
    Full Additions/Changes:
    NPCs and Tenants:
    • Newly generated sky village libraries spawn librarians. Librarians sell books and crafting guides!
      • Non-Saturnians/Thaumoths can buy these guides to learn the recipes for most of the weapons in the mod.
    • Newly generated sky village blacksmith buildings have a 50% chance to spawn a variant that has a Kyterran shopkeeper. Nothing the blacksmiths sell is specific to their race.
    • Many more village tenants can be spawned:
      • Waspmim villagers, guards, and mages from the Waspmim village.
      • Hatters, clothiers, art wizards, alchemists, librarians, farmers, and mage guards from the sky village.
      • Kyterran villagers, guards, and sky village blacksmiths.
    • All Saturnian/Waspmim/Kyterran Guards can be spawned at tiers 2, 3, and 4 by placing tungsten, titanium, and durasteel furniture.
      • All Saturnian/Waspmim/Kyterran Guards can be spawned at tiers 5 and 6 by placing a Ferozium or Solarium Defense Gem, which are both crafted at the furniture summoning table. You can also craft invisible versions of the defense gems if floating gems aren't your preferred style of decoration.
    • Added a book that details what you need to spawn most Saturnian tenants. Get it from village libraries.
    • Waspmim guards have unique combat dialog.
    • Added Saturnians-specific dialog to Agaran, devout Avian, and Fenerox villagers.
    • Saturnians have dialog for speaking to more modded species.
    • Added Polyphemus moth wings and Automeris frankae moth wings.
    • Saturnian Protectorate robes are Protectorate blue by default. They now have the belt buckle the vanilla robes have as well.
      • A alternate set of Saturnian Protectorate robes has been added as starter clothes. They can also be crafted at the Saturnian loom.
    • Enemies hit by the fairy wand's projectile now glow for 30 seconds, rather than 5. Maybe you can mark the location of monsters before you rush into a dark cave?
    • Scythes idle stance are adjusted. Now characters hold them with two hands, upright, like the Grim Reaper. This should be especially noticeable for NPCs, as they no longer constantly clip the scythe into the ground when idle.
    • Scythes slightly rotate during the windup before their swings
    • Improved the palettes for these dyes: regal blue, luna green, light pink, and lavender. they should have much better contrast now.
    • The Saturnian dye bottle icons have been redesigned a bit. They now use the same palette that dual colored items use.
    • Firing a baton into a wall makes a slightly louder boop sound.
    • Added a flying vehicle that Io Mages on tier 4, 5, and 6 planets can sell! (Without the Frackin Universe biome patch, these biomes are Jungle and Tundra)
    • Most objects from this mod now have inspection text for Saturnians, Thaumoths, and Kyterran NPCS!
    • Added a new wooden version of the Saturnian mannequin that should match the other vanilla/modded mannequins better. The older fluffy mannequins still can be crafted, and any mannequins you have are left unchanged.
    • Thaumoths now have their own flag and warp gem. Saturnians/Thaumoths can craft each others flags/warp gems with the furniture summoner.
    • Added 4 more banners to help with spawning particular tenants.
      • The banners are: Kyterran sword banner, Kyterran drill banner, Saturnian hat banner, Saturnian clothier banner
    • Most banners and posters are more vibrant. (increased saturation by 6%)
    • Crafting times when using the furniture summoner *should* be consistently instant now.
    • Added 9 new palettes of bunting.
    • (Not currently accessible, but more colors for some furniture have been added. I'm trying to figure out the best way to put them in the game, since adding 8 duplicates of all furniture isn't really ideal from either a player or modder perspective.)
    • Saturnians/Thaumoths have custom sprites for the tech menu.
    • Added 12 more fluff colors to the Saturnians'/Thaumoths' color selection (Mostly darker colors).
    • Saturnians/Thaumoths sprites have been changed to be better outlined. Most hair/eyes haven't been changed, so this is probably really subtle.
    • Object tagging on some ebony furniture is fixed, and now properly counts as Saturnian furniture for tenants.
    • Most ebony furniture is renamed consistently (Example: "Wooden Desk" becomes "Ebony Desk")
    • The version of the ebony bed without a footboard can be 3d printed if you scan it. (Why did that one in particular have that issue.)
    • Most weapons are placed into proper item categories. Categories should be consistently capitalized now.
    • Batons that have fullbright (glowing) parts now emit varying amounts of light. Generated batons emit light colored after the element they use.
    • Most wands emit light now.
    • Waspmim Robes have a proper description, rather than accidentally using a description from something else.
    • The short mage skirt now has shading.
    • Float orb lights have their glow placed in the correct spot.
    • The "rent due" animation for the Saturnian colony deed is no longer absurdly fast.
    • NPC guards should no longer spawn with fixed tiered weapons. They now get new leveled versions of these weapons.
    • Ship upgrades no longer spawn lines of ornate wood behind hazard blocks.
    • Decorative books and decorative potion bottles have unique icons. All decorative potion bottles now have "bottle" in their name, and "[Decorative]" in their description to prevent confusion with the item potions that are actually usable.
      • Three of the decorative potion bottles have a slight glow in the dark effect. These are the Lumen juice bottle, yellow potion, and light potion.
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