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The Saturnians 1.3.6

Space wizard moth mod

  1. 1.1.1 Minor Bug fixes and silk crafting

    -Saturnian villages now have a higher chance of spawning on snow worlds.

    -Saturnians can craft Mage Silk from nectar. Click while holding mage silk to convert it into regular silk. This is to maintain compatibility with other race mods that craft silk.

    -Rapiers are a bit more magical now. The last attack in a rapier's combo now extends the reach of the blade and plays a new sound (tier 3 and up)

    -Most weapons are tagged to support mods that give bonuses to weapon classes.

    -Two colors of Saturnian Station Trams can now be crafted at a rail station.

    -1.1 Starter Clothes are now craftable

    -Added Banded Sphinx and Lumoth Wings. Lumoth Wings require a halogen pack to craft, and produce the same amount of light as it.

    -Added Lumoth Mask

    Bug Fixes:

    -Removed unnecessary tilesets and compressed sprites with PNG gauntlet, significantly reducing filesize. The removed tilesets are only useful when I am working on a village.

    -Fixed Lumen Plant's backwards fullbright layering. Now the plant glows in the dark as intended.

    -Secret Characters use their proper dialog sounds
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