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The Saturnians 1.3.6

Space wizard moth mod

  1. The Village Update


    Saturnians 1.1 Patch Notes:

    Added a village! Although this is a floating village, it's anchored to the ground and has an elevator. You don't need to tower up to it like the avian airships.

    Villages spawn on Forest, Desert, Jungle, Snow, Tundra, Alien, and Savannah Planets. If you have mods that add more dungeons, Saturnian villages could be extremely rare...

    Npcs there will sell some special items:

    Staff Enchanters sell mage wands, randomly generated with a fantasy theme.
    Alchemist sell potion versions of stimpaks, as well as useless junk.
    Farmers sell specialized staves for watering the ground and planting grass.


    Saturnians have a slight redesign:
    The eye-colors-that-look-like-they-have-pupils have new sprites.
    The abdomen has been changed to better match the angle of wings. Now it's more subtle. If you don't like this, there's an addon included that reverses the change.
    Added several new "hair styles"
    Many Saturnian colors have been changed to feature better contrast, saturation and hue shifting


    Added New Blocks:

    Birch Wood Planks
    Sloped Brass Glass Panel (Gives off a subtle glow)
    Sloped Stained Glass Panel
    Sloped Ebony Panel
    Sloped Birch Panel
    Sloped Bronze Panel (Colored like the metal on the ship. Paint it yellow and it will match Glass Panels)
    Sloped Stone Panel (Uses Home Wall Colors)

    Ebony and birch blocks are fireproof. They're technically alien plants anyways, being from the Saturnian homeworld and all.
    Ebony has new painted colors.


    Added new furniture (Beds, Hanging Lamps, Village Clutter, Ship Doors, etc.)
    Added old furniture (Ebony versions of wooden boxes, cabinets, etc.)


    All wings are craftable now. All wings have the same value as well.

    Added new starting clothes

    Tier 6 Manipulator armor has a wizard theme
    Tier 6 Weapons have new visuals


    Two new dye colors have been added: Sun Yellow, and Moon Teal

    Bug fixes 1.1

    Many items have had their rarity and value corrected

    Regal Wings can be dyed.

    There are many other changes that I forgot to document. Sorry! I didn't think it would take this long!


    1. anchor.PNG
    2. alchem2.PNG
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