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The Orcana 1.4b

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. B.6.0 - Civilization

      • Still in a very early stage of development, but I wanted to let you guys see what I've been doing on that front and hopefully get some feedback.
    • Added new crafting item
      • Coral Glass
    • Added new materials
      • Coral Block
      • Sloped Coral Block
      • Coral Trim
      • Coral Molding
      • Fancy Coral Molding
      • Coral Glass Block
      • Sloped Coral Glass Block
    • Added new objects
      • Orcana Chest
      • Coral Chest
      • Coral Wardrobe
      • Giant Coral microformer
      • Orcana Lockers
      • Locked Orcana Lockers
      • Orcana Water Pump
      • Orcana Alarm Strip
      • Large Hydrolock Door
      • Large Hydrolock Hatch
      • Orcana Slim Door
    • - Added new critter
      • Brightfish (manually spawnable, but does not naturally spawn yet. That will change in a future update.)
    • Other changes
      • Slightly tweaked how the clocks work - The day/night cycle now rotates counter-clockwise to better reflect how stars rise and set on planets.
      • Educated the Apex rebel villagers about the nature of the Orcana. They should no longer refer to you as a Human.
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