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The Moogles of Ivalice α-1b

The adorable little furballs from Final Fantasy are here!

  1. Metadata Fix Reupload

    • No changes, other than fixing the metadata to actually say Alpha 1
  2. Initial Alpha

    • A lot of sprite editing
    • Implemented custom Ultima Weapons, with the original FF6-style Ultima Weapon becoming the Proto Weapon.
      • Added the Ultima Buster, not to be confused with a Buster Sword.
      • The Proto Weapon has the original strength, but lacks the altered combo speed.
      • The new Ultima Weapon model has a higher speed, causing less damage per hit, and retains the faster combo hits.
        • Infdev Ultima Weapons will become the new model....
  3. Clothing, Customization & Tweaks

    • Clothing & Customization
      • Implemented the remaining FFTA + A2 class outfits, and fixed some default colors that were wrong.
      • Added a new furstyle
      • Polished quite a few spritesheets
    • Tweaks
      • Beam & Ship AI colors are now pale green, instead of purple.
      • Guns have been tweaked (mainly different sounds)
      • Moogles now use FFTA2 sounds
        • Their sprites have also been redone yet again.
  4. Weapon Update 1

    • Elemental Swords have been updated
      • Now T4
      • Flametongue and Icebrand added
    • More work on the guns
      • Goug MK29 is now T2 and had its recipe tweaked accordingly
      • Peacemaker (T6) and Lost Gun (T4) added
    • Many sprite updates
      • Player Sprites tweaked a lot
      • Ultima Mech has its own sprites now, instead of being a pallet swap of the default upgraded mech
    • More work on things
      • Weapon rebalances, mechs have lighter armor...
  5. Ultima Weapon Patch

    • Fixed crits being weaker than the Protectorate Broadsword that upgrades into it.
    • Tweaked the sprite a bit.
  6. Ultima Mech Fix

    • Fixed the lack of Extreme Heat III immunity on the Ultima Mech.
  7. Frackin' Universe Patch II: Return of Mechs

    • Mechs now have the FU data added to them, such as mass and the custom environmental effects.
  8. Frackin' Universe Patch

    • Added crit stats.
    • Changed some alt abilities, and slightly buffed Gungnir.
  9. Player Sprite Overhaul & Patches

    • Fluffed the Moogles' player sprites.
    • Removed placeholder human hairstyles, replacing them with hairstyles based off FF Tactics A2 artwork.
      • I may have to figure out a way to make NPCs never spawn with them to be more accurate, as most Moogles don't have hair. Maybe some kind of invisible hat item that the NPCs spawn with that vanishes the hair?
    • Added Time Mage clothing set.
    • Vanish Back is now in the section with the EPPs, and only costs 1 pixel instead of...
  10. Ultima Weapon Unglitched

    • After refactoring some item names to dodge any future conflicts, the Moogles somehow forgot how to forge the Ultima Weapon.
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