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The Mantizi Empire (Patch 1.3) v0.8.3

Beetles and Romans and Space, together at last.

  1. The Mantizi Empire (Patch 1.3)

    Hello again my friends.

    Heavily tested, shouldn't have too many issues. As always please post bug reports in the resource update discussion page, and I'll try to get on them as soon as I can. I did a quick run through of every quest, so there shouldn't be any issues just playing these dudes as normal.

    New in this version:
    -Typo fixes, small sprite adjustments all around
    -Modernized a lot of code to bring everything up to date with all of the balance changes since pre-1.0. I don't think I...
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  2. Getting the party started.


    We're taking the first steps toward something big: villages. Right now I'm adding in a ton of new furniture and blocks so that I can begin laying the groundwork for villages and fun little subbiomes and hidden stuff. Not everything you see above is available to the average player (there is currently no way to naturally find any of the building blocks and only the mantizi can craft their own furniture right now) but you can spawn the items through...
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  3. Hello friends.

    Turns out I still want to mod for this game.
    Pretty big update, see the thread OP for details.
  4. I'm back, nerds

    Hey check it out, I'm still alive and doing things.

    +All armor sets DONE
    +Respawn animation DONE
    +pretty much it

    NPC/Town update is next.
  5. "I'm Still Here", Update Edition

    Added two new armor sets, the tier7 and tier 8 armors!


    I probably did some other stuff too, but whatever it is, it's probably not important if I can't remember it.

    I've got most of the NPC dialogue done, but it's breaking every NPC in the game, so I'm leaving it out until I get it fixed. It'll probably be in next update.
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  6. New patch update, plus some other stuff

    -Works with Furious Koala
    -Tier 1 armor is in
    -New starting clothes, bringing the total of starter sets up to 4
    -New colors for the carapace, shell, and setae options
    -no longer requires Expanded Character Creation Mod. You need an expander, but now you don't need this specific one.
    -maybe some other stuff I forgot
  7. Tier9 Armor, Recipe Fix

    Some of the weapon recipes were missing, and by some I mean "most". Those are now back in.

    Tier9 Armor is in.