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The Grass Mod 3.1 Update for SB 1.1.1

Any grass on any block.

  1. On towards 3.0!

    Hey all, this update contains a few changes to make the mod fit better with the game's current implementation of grass. Not all grass types are in yet, that'll come with the 3.0 update, but all grasses that were previously included are in this one.

    Grass packs are the most notable of the changes I made. These can be crafted with 1 seed/sample + 1 dirt/alienrock + 1 healing water. They can be grown on any surface.

    Changelog note from modinfo:
    2.5 Changed all grass seeds and samples to be throwable, most seeds can be planted on irrigated tilled soil, others can be grown on anything. Also added grass packs which can be grown on anything. Removed recipes for Grassificator and De-Grassificator due to phasing out. Recipes can still be restored by removing the .txt extension to the recipe files. Grass stations can also still be spawned in.
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