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Outdated The Geth Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"

A playable race called The Geth from the Mass Effect Series.

  1. The Element

    The Geth

    ~Check the updates Page for current features~

    A new playable race we all know from the MASS EFFECT Series!

    The Geth Race can not eat organic food and relies on Cells that are recharged for health and power. New custom bar for Power takes the place of the hunger meter!!

    Mods Required
    EITHER -
    OR -
    Simple Extended Character Creation

    Mod Includes
    Custom Race - Geth
    Custom SFX
    Custom Starting Weapon
    Custom Tier 1 Gun's and Sword
    Custom Omni Tool "Replacing the Matter Manipulator"
    Custom Omni Light
    Custom Race Food "Battery that charges til full, Then you consume to gain Power
    Custom Recipes

    Custom Quests
    Custom Items

    As of right now the Mod is currently in very early ALPHA.
    WIP for now. Also my first MOD :)
    The Male and Female gender is limited to one color set "For both male and female." Due to Tier Armor Upgrades

    If you want to play as another Race make sure you remove the Geth from the mods folder and place into the provided folder "Place here to Disable". If not your race will have batteries for hunger and power level not to mention other weird features :)

    Upcoming Features
    Geth Dropship
    Geth Armor Tier 2
    Geth Weapons Tier 2

    Planned Features
    Geth Quests "more quests"
    Bosses tier 2 and up. 1st Boss needs polishing.
    Much, Much More!

    Feel free to PM ideas and thoughts!
    Please send me any errors you encounter before rating,
    I am the only person working on this mod and need testing for current and future plans.

    Im currently looking for someone who can design the Geth Dropship. If you think you have what it takes please PM me :) .

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Faroth
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    I know it's been years but if anyone has this mod still and are willing to send me the file of it, I would love to be able to use it! It looks so awesome but there isn't a working download...
  2. acidchalk
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    I miss this mod does anyone still have the files for it?
  3. Budbundy
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    This mod is perfect. I really love the geth race in mass effect then when I see your mod, I was very happy that finally a mod to add race of geth is available. I hope you update his to the Upbeat Giraffe version and you add the geth dreadnought for the ship upgrade
  4. Rundell
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    hey author i hope you wont to abandon this great and perfect mod which i hope to install
  5. paskal
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    cent download cash drop box is a link a state of the zip
  6. The Charazmatic Stalion
    The Charazmatic Stalion
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    it look amazing but the link is dead :C
  7. darkcrill
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    i really want to try this but dead link
  8. kotiklapka
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    Dead link ^^
  9. shoal
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    не могу устоновить
  10. asus349
    Version: Geth 1.3.2 "The Dropship"
    now to get mass effect ship and... rawr