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The Essential Jetpack Mod 1.1.1

Fly like a bird! Then hit a wall

  1. The Essential Jetpack Mod - Overhaul Update.

    I have been doing lots of tinkering, making physics scripts and by request I have been asked by many people on steam and my discord server to post on the CF forums. I must say that I am having to rely on GitHub for file hosting and projects.

    The mod isn't changed up too drastically, however I have added features that I suspect many will find useful and usable. These include:

    - Adding a fuel resource
    - Adding fuel versions of the existing 3 Jetpacks.
    - Added a special Hidden jetpack designed by you'res truely
    - Added "Pet collars" or in this case platforms for non-airborn pets.
    - Redesigned and tweaked augments.
    - Redesigned the existing weapons, added smoke tanks for sky writing, Added a sam site for defense.
    - Added a flight manual which I HIGHLY recommend people read as it has all the details of the stuff included.
    - Made one set of armour that, again, compliments Jetpack use.
    - Added Tech flight patterns to do aerobatics with.

    This is what I intended the mod to be the first time I thought I had "completed" the mod. It didn't quite sit with me, but with patience and perseverance, I managed to create a near-bullet proof version (albeit, with some graphical quirks) of this mod. Hope ye all enjoy it me hearties!


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