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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. New user ordered weapon. "Crystalline"

    Hello everyone, we have been hard at work on adding a new user created weapon.

    We call it "Crystalline"

    What is crystalline?

    Crystalline is a needler gun that shoots frozen crystals. When the crystals hit the enemies body it emits a chemical reaction causing them to freeze and burn to death.

    While this new weapon isn't ment to be used in killing the kraken it can still be used on large monsters.

    We also taken the liberty on making it cheapish... only 8 diamonds.

    We also adjusted some other prices in our store. To be exact we adjusted the newly created shadow burst.

    We did increase the price sadly, but that was because we were losing more money than what was being made.

    So to make it up to you we fixed a muzzle issue on the special "Split War" rocket launcher to not only be cooler but less offset if you know what I mean. So until next time.
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