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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. Dekadrachm




    Request Template:

    Weapon name:

    Type: (pistol, broadsword,.. etc)



    Primary Ability:

    Secondary Ability:


    If your game crashes because of this mod, please post you starbound log file so I can help you! :)


    *Dekadrachm- Owner/Developer

    BK3K- Script Wizard/ Contributor

    Hello everyone and welcome to the black market!

    A long time ago, the Black Market's main headquarters undertook fatal damage. All our factories and our blueprints were destroyed. This devastating attack left us with nothing and we hid in the shadows hoping for a new beginning...


    We feel it necessary to test those wishing to obtain our legit wares after a close run-in with a particular group that questioned the morality of our goods and even proceeded to be hypocrites after they attacked and took the life of one our workers.

    This individual, names will not be provided for confidential reasons, will ask for a collateral when requesting access to our wares. This will eliminate simple spies and informants by adding a simple pay to enter barrier. Sorry for the inconvenience, but secrecy is our number one priority!


    Found this weird sword in a cave, may be able to replicate it and sell it to the public. I'm not too sure what it does yet, but it looks dangerous enough!

    Out of the necessity for corporate expansion, a re-introduction of the beloved black market console has been constructed.

    Between you and me, basically what I did was bought a metric crap ton of vending machines, then I installed security cameras to prevent any attempts at stealing, I also had the word "Black" painted on the sides so people know who owns the machine, and lastly I got one of our logos etched into the front, the penguin.

    These units should be around soon, but the factories need to finish modifying the vending machines.

    While working on the new flamethrower, I had decided to crate a bomb of sorts.

    The bomb features steam heating which erupts stored rail spikes into the surrounding area.

    Available at the penguin weapon shop, must be crafted on site with exclusive blueprints.

    While experimenting with super fluids, I have managed to create a Tri-Elemental substance that can both Burn, Freeze, and Poison targets.

    Chimera Tri-Elemental Flamethrower

    Above is our new experimental flamethrower weapon.

    -Tri-barrels allow for different elemental flames and the elemental canister allows proper distribution of gas to each flame.

    -Lights on the barrel show the flow of gas and produces a cool effect.

    [WARNING], due to high pressure containment, elemental sparks and drips are common, avoid contact with eyes.

    -Advanced flame technology allows the cooling of flames
    - A gas release switch allows the release of the new elemental substance, but due to high pressure, is shot out. The new elemental substance also becomes unstable in air and if not heated quickly will dissipate.

    Available at the penguin weapon shop, must be crafted on site with exclusive blueprints.

    After a fair time of pondering the great ways I can use steam cores in weaponry, I finally came up with a solution!

    The "Steam Shotgun" the third weapon of this new age:
    Price: 16,500 Pixels per unit

    ([​IMG])--- Icon


    Above, we have our new steam shotgun! Using our steam technology we managed to heat seven pellet projectiles. This weapon also uses distinctive steam technology.

    With a steam core on centered on the weapon, it provides power to the heating bay in the barrel. Wires on the bottom help transfer a special something used in a devastating alternate attack. A rose-wood finish covers the butt of the weapon and metal rivets keep it held together.

    Main features:

    -Launches 7 steam pellets from the chamber

    -Powered by a steam core which illuminates the gun

    -Using the wires on the bottom of the gun, rounds are imbedded with a special chemical that explodes once the projectile cools. This allows for a special attack we call: Stick Steam-Bomb

    -Due to the immense heat of the projectiles, they glow red-hot in dark areas.

    - The weapon features distinctive fire sounds when compared to other weapons.


    With the sells from our Steam Rifle, I was able to create a new steam based weapon through the clever repurposing of the steam core used to power the steam rifle.

    The "Steam Pistol" the second weapon of this new age:
    Price: 7,500 Pixels per unit

    ([​IMG])--- Icon


    Above our new steam pistol design is show, much more compact than the steam rifle, allowing dual wielding. This weapon also has distinctive features similar to that of the steam rifle:

    -The Weapon is steam powered...

    The steam reactor core presented in the middle of the weapon provides power throughout it's infrastructure. The rapid heating of projectiles take place in the barrel's chamber, and the gun features a nice rose-wood finish fitted with rare-metal rivets.

    Main Features:

    -Rail Bullets: Repurposed from a rail spike to be more aerodynamic. Bullets are heated to over 1,000 degrees, and then launched out of a tube, piercing and lighting enemies on fire.

    -Due to the projectiles high temperature, each bullet illuminates dark areas.

    -The gun features distinctive steam release sounds after each shot.

    -The steam core emits a subtle light, perfect for a light source in the dark.


    The "Steam Rifle" the first weapon of this new age:
    Price: 16,500 Pixels

    ([​IMG])--- Icon


    Above we have the basic design and a sneak-peak at it's functionality.

    This new age weapon has many distinctive features. Allow me to list them:

    First off, the weapon is steam powered...

    capsules on top of the weapon allow for the regulation of heat towards water, the trio of light on the barrel is where projectile heating takes place.

    Bronze wiring allows for the release of blazing steam at will.

    Main Features:

    - A steam thrower: Releases steam at a fast pace, burns and wets targets, can also water your garden... (CAUTION HOT).

    - Red-hot Railroad spike projectiles, illuminates areas, pierces through enemies like butter, steams, and burns enemies who step on it until the spike cools down.

    - Features train noises for steam release after each round is fired.

    -Subtle light source on barrel allowing you to see in the dark a little.


    Due to our markets being closed, and since I'm too poor for imperialization, I have teamed up with our friends at the penguin bay to distribute this product. Mind it's price though, we no longer take diamonds but have in fact reverted to pixels as our currency. This gun is fairly expensive, but consider yourself a patron for the reincarnation of this corporation.

    - Until next time...

    Thanks for viewing :)

    Also it you have any complaints or would like to help me with art please message me :)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ciijay
    Version: 0.0.6
    Nice mod, Im hoping to try :D
    Also can i yeet in a order?
    The Fleshpounder
    Type: Broadsword
    Appearance: An Old machine that grinds up flesh with sawblades, Its covered in flesh with eyes at the bottom.
    Primary Ability: Slashes into people to grind them into pieces harder then my grades.
    Secondary Ability: You do a Thrust kind of dash while sawing up the ground, Leaving Bones sprout from the ground to unsuspecting enemies.
    Extra: *To much blood*
    Craft extra: Idk about the craft station, But do craft it with flesh blocks and a few bones, Also i r o n or something. You choose.
  2. GrVT-ChILd
    Version: 0.0.6
    A great mod,rather classy and such with the weapons.
    and can i place an order?

    Ruinous tooth.
    Appearance:an fleshy looking sword similar to the Oculus reaver the handle is bone in color with an curved end that is facing forward,the blade hilt is just an large silted eyeball that blink each time it changes form,the blade is curved upward,its cutting edges as it say an rows of tooth's,the inside of the blade that make the whip part is an intestine like object that stretch as the blade open up in its whip form.
    it also look like a spine instead of your average bladed form.
    Primary ability:
    Hook line sinker- 40dps+poison,when jumping the blade extend and can hook enemy pulling them to be finished.
    Secondary ability:
    Whip form- transform the Blade to its whip form,in this from the blade use a charge mechanic to lunch the whip out to unsuspecting foe,pull the player if they hook to an tile.
    Extra:Only craftable in Tier 3 anvil you need: 20 flesh strands,40 bones,a living root,25 poison,10 sharpened claws and an intestine whip and don't forget the 50 tentacle cluster to hold everything together like a ribbon.
  3. Over Gaming
    Over Gaming
    Version: 0.0.6
    Can i order:
    Sword of death
    Type: broadsword
    Appearance:LOOOOng dark blade, black hilt and The blade radiated dark sparks,In the middle was a skull
    Primary Ability:
    Just cut to pieces -33 dps
    Secondary Ability:
    Call a black hole -66 dps (if it's hard then you can just made a simple field)
    Extra: can made by anvil 3 lvl and need 666 blocks of bone and something like that. price veery expensive like 66 666
    (thx you the best!!!)
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      I should just make this for you -- I need to stop being lazy and if you enjoy this mod enough to make a request than I'll reinstall this game, unpack my assets and make this for you lmao.
  4. Resfa
    Version: 0.0.6
    Trop cool !
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      lol, how does this always managed to get reviewed after it was buried? thanks though lol, was thinking about updating soon
    Version: 0.0.6
    you have the b(o-o)d seal of approval
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      lol thanks
  6. LyricLyricandmoreLyric
    Version: 0.0.6
    Hey do you think you could maybe figure out a way to make weapons that actually consume ammo? I've always had a bit of a grudge against the energy thing, maybe you could do some experimenting with throwables (the item looks like a gun in your hands, but you "throw" the item to fire maybe? and then to make the "thrown" item more bullet-like up the values for projectile speed and cooldown, just a suggestion but if you have other ideas, by all means, do whatever works, not sure how reload would work with that) as for the style of the ammo consuming weapon maybe do something based lightly on the assualt rifle from Halo Reach but not an exact copy. If possible a reload animation would be awesome, that's what I'm really missing without ammo consumption.
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      I could probably do that, it's not a bad idea it'll let you save energy at the cost of bullets.
  7. jonathonspy
    Version: 0.0.6
    its a good mod
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Haha, I'm working on a new update so stay tuned!
  8. Armok
    Version: 0.0.6
    1st of all this mod is pretty cool, can't wait to see what new weapons will be implemented, 2nd as for a weapon request here it is
    weapon name: Overlord's Scythe
    type: broadsword
    tier: 6
    appearance: a sinister obsidian scythe with a cruel looking blade, etched into it are sinister blood runes (primarily on the blade) and on the head bit (a.k.a the part that connects the blade to the shaft/staff) a red eye eerily reminiscent of the ruin.
    primary ability: killing things with this weapon will slightly heal the player
    secondary ability: for the price of part of the player's health the scythe will summon a guided blood orb that deals the same damage as the weapon does
    extra: the scythe should deal 40 dps and should be quite expensive (a.k.a late/ end game materials with a good deal of obsidian thrown around)
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      I'll see what I can do :)
  9. EnderMImi
    I want a giant laser pew pew cannon !!!
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      Sounds do-able.
  10. varn1111
    Version: 0.0.3
    nice mod(looks around) could i perhaps order some explosives?
    1. Dekadrachm
      Author's Response
      Tell me what u have in mind