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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. Random_NPC1996
    This is actually a mod that's still in progress... basically, all the ideas all comes from the original game "Team Fortress 2". Sprites are immitated from it as well, most of it.

    This mod currently has 53 weapons for you. No I am not doing medi-gun for now… it’s a pool of nightmarefuel I have to dive into so nope, not gonna do that for now.

    Tested with FU and seems ok, let me know if you crashed and send the log in the discussion.

    MOD UPDATE 1.6.4
    - New Stuff Highlights:
    > <Uncommon> Nostromo Napalmer
    > <Rare> Backburner
    > <Rare> Degreaser
    > <Rare> Dragon's Fury
    > <Legendary> Rainblower

    - Notable Changes:
    > Rocket Jumping Algorithm Rework (again), made even easier to
    rocket jump, aim to any terrain close to you is now enough to perform rocket jump.
    > Rocket Jumping now gives 65% fall damage absorption on next fall.
    > Rocket Jumping with ROCKET JUMPER negates 100% fall damage.
    > Sniper Rifles now charges with alt-fire, and bug fix for how it worked.
    > All Sniper Rifles (except Machina) can now fire without charging with
    > Miniguns now no longer drains energy in spin-only state, only drains
    when firing. Can now spin even energy meter fully depleted.
    > Sticky bombs now takes (some) time to arm before being detonated.

    Error Fix: Atomic Punch, check the updates tab for details and unstucking yourself from the error or bug

    Scout Weapons:
    <Common> Stock Pistol - Just a basic pistol
    <Uncommon> Stock Scattergun - Shotgun with less pellet but more accurate
    <Rare> Force-A-Nature - Shotgun with high knock back and more spread, alt-fire to Force-A-Nature jump.
    <Rare> Bonk! Atomic Punch! - Drink to gain invulnerability* for a few seconds, then gets slowed later on. 0 damage output, energy drained and unable to heal while under this effect. Has a cooldown timer before next drink.

    Soldier Weapons:
    <Uncommon> Stock Rocket Launcher - Standard Rocket Launcher, alt-fire to rocket jump when pointing into terrains.
    <Uncommon> Rocket Jumper - 0 damage Rocket Launcher, no fall damage after rocket jumping.
    <Uncommon> Original - It all started in quake, a standard rocket launcher reskin, nothing much.
    <Uncommon> Reserve Shooter - Shotgun with increased energy consumption, but deals double damage against airborne enemies, even those jumping off a cliff.
    <Rare> Liberty Launcher - Rocket Launcher with slightly decreased energy drain and damage.
    <Rare> Direct Hit - Rocket Launcher with increased damage but decreased splash area.
    <Rare> Air Strike - Rocket Launcher with decreased damage, increased air-time when rocket jumping, and very high firerate while airborne from rocket jumping.
    <Rare> Beggar's Bazooka - Rocket Launcher that only loads before firing, hold primary-fire to load up to 3 rockets. Release to unleash the rocket barrage. Decreased accuracy.
    <Rare> Cow Mangler 5000 - A launcher that fires explosive energy beams instead of rockets, can be charged by holding primary-fire, charged shots deal extra damage and sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds. Rocket Jump with alt-fire.
    <Legendary> Black Box - Rocket Launcher with increased energy drain but "lifesteals" on enemy hit.

    Pyro Weapons:
    <Common> Flare Gun - Sets enemy on fire, crits if already on fire.
    <Uncommon> Detonator - Flare gun with alt-fire for manual detonation, mini-crits enemy on fire.
    <Uncommon> Stock Flamethrower - Flamethrower, alt-fire to perform airblast (extinguish teammates and knockbacks enemies)
    <Rare> Backburner - Flamethrower, consume more energy for airblasting, deals extra damage when attacked from the back.
    <Rare> Degreaser - Flamethrower, halved direct burn damage, consume less energy for airblasting.
    <Rare> Dragon's Fury - Single shot, projectile based flamethrower, has knockback, longer interval for airblasting, slightly shortened range.
    <Rare> Scotch Shot - Flare gun with a projectile that bounces off opponent on impact.
    <Legendary> Rainblower - What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?

    Demoman Weapons:
    <Uncommon> Stock Grenade Launcher - A grenade launcher with grenade that only detonate on impact if it hits an enemy without hitting anything else first (such as terrains).
    <Uncommon> Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher - Launches manually detonated stick bombs, max 8 projectiles, self-detonates in a few seconds if unequipped, has a small arming duration before manual detonation.
    <Rare> Iron Bomber - Grenade launcher with smaller projectile explosion and less bounce
    <Rare> Loch-n-Load - Grenade launcher with increased damage but fizzles on impact with walls
    <Rare> Scottish Resistance - Sticky Bomb Launcher that require longer time for the bombs to arm, max 14 projectiles,self-detonates in a few seconds if unequipped.
    <Rare> Quickie Bomb Launcher - Sticky Bomb Launcher that require very little time to arm, max 8 projectiles,self-detonates in a few seconds if unequipped, consumes more energy per shot, decreased damage
    <Legendary> Loose Cannon - Grenade launcher that knocks enemies with partial damage on direct impact. Projectile has 1 second fuse and can be primed to explode earlier by holding down primary-fire.

    Heavy Weapons:
    <Uncommon> Stock Minigun - A minigun, alt-fire to pre-spin minigun, does not drain energy in spin-only state, can pre-spin when energy meter fully depleted.
    <Rare> Tomislav - Minigun with almost instant pre-spin time, slower fire-rate.
    <Rare> Natascha - Minigun with decreased damage but slows target hit.

    Engineer Weapons:
    <Common> Stock Shotgun - Just a shotgun.
    <Uncommon> Stock Wrench - Just a wrench.
    <Rare> Southern Hospitality - Wrench with bleeding edge, decreased fire resistance on wield.
    <Rare> Widowmaker - Shotgun with energy feedback on enemy hit, hit multiple enemies in 1 blast could start \"regenerate\" your energy meter, higher energy drain compared to stock shotgun.
    <Legendary> Eureka Effect - Wrench with teleportation capability, beam anywhere you want with alt-fire (1 second cooldown).

    Medic Weapons:
    <Common> Stock Syringe Gun - Worthless weapon cause it was, it is and it should be.
    <Uncommon> Stock Bonesaw - A bonesaw, nothing much, 1 hit combo.
    <Rare> Blutsauger - Syringe Gun with \"life steal\" capability.
    <Rare> Crusader's Crossbow - Fires bolts that hurts enemies, heals allies (and friednly npcs).
    <Legendary> Ubersaw - Bonesaw, Rumor has that this thing always crits when wield by anyone but you.

    Sniper Weapons:
    <Common> Stock Sub-Machine Gun - A sub-machine gun, nothing much.
    <Uncommon> Stock Sniper Rifle - A sniper rifle, can be charged via alt-fire to dealX3 damage, can headshot non-monster enemies.
    <Uncommon> Jarate - Enemies hit by this suffer bonus damage from all source for a few seconds.
    <Rare> Hitman's Heatmaker - Sniper rifle with faster charge rate.
    <Rare> Sydney Sleeper - Sniper rifle that applies jarate on enemies hit, can not headshot.
    <Legendary> Machina - Sniper rifle that fires penetrating bullet ON FULL CHARGE with bonus damage, must be charged to shoot, shoots nothing if not charged.

    Spy Weapons:

    <Common> Stock Revolver - A revolver, higher damage than stock pistol
    but lower fire-rate.
    <Rare> Stock Knife - A knife, back stabs when stabbed from behind
    for immensely high damage.
    <Rare> Ambassador - Revolver with lowered fire rate, can headshot
    non-monster enemies.

    All weapons crafting are now moved to a custom-made crafting station – TF2 Weapons Crafting Station. You can get the station from inventor’s table. Using SCRAP, RECLAIMED, and REFINED METALS + CLASS TOKEN + SLOT TOKEN + <DIAMOND> to craft. Craftings station categorize the weaponss by rarity, higher rarity = better weapon but harder/more expensive to craft.

    Side Note:
    "Thanks for the help mate" -from me to @bk3k (
    helped me in some scripting problems, written 2018, I'll just leave that thing here for forever.

    This will later be uploaded to steam, so yeah... it would be there... I think...

    Feedbacks and Ratings are much Appreciated, roasting is ok I guess, maybe try make it funny to others and me? =D

    There probably will be a poll on what will be released next, perhaps you should go and vote?
    Link link link .what?
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. StarboundIsFun
    Version: 1.6.4-Fix2
    this is a great mod! something you should add is the scouts bat bc scouts bat is pog
  2. DanilaMirAlex
    Version: 1.6.4-Fix1
    The mod seems to be really nice, but i have a problem that is:
    [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) Duplicate item name 'crusaderscrossbow' found
    Help me please, i can send and log if needed
    1. Random_NPC1996
      Author's Response
      Fixed it, should work now. Let me know if there pops some more errors up. It was just a little item name conflict.
  3. Salamanda
    Version: 1.6.4-Fix1
    Engineer Gaming
  4. Leafa_the_Hunter
    Version: 1.6.3-Fix1
    It's a great and fun mod but it has some problems with balance.
  5. OtakuPhantom
    Version: 1.5.2
    it's good
  6. Ilovememes
    Version: 1.4
    Very good mod, sound effects and textures 10/10
    1. Random_NPC1996
      Author's Response
      Thanks... appreciate the feedback... Took me not so few times to get it done... but thanks a lot