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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. Mod Reupload

    Download this if you are experiencing problems with the latest version of the mod.
    If you aren't, then just ignore this. Nothing new was added.
  2. Heaps of Tweaks

    Note: this update might cause you to lose some of your previously-found guns (those from this mod, of course).


    Slight improvements to dungeon treasurepools.

    Improvements to weapon projectiles, mostly adding visual effects where suitable.
    - Mario ball projectile uses another explosion.
    - Split bullet and tri-shot projectiles deal less damage.

    Lightning coils are now dropped by lab guard npcs found at apex dungeons instead of being found in chests.

    - Damage no longer scales...
  3. New recoil animations, improved weapon palettes, and another FU compatibility patch.

    Some npc files have been moved around to make the mod compatible with FU
    Various small changes to projectiles
    - Acid grenades have suitable particle emitters
    - Mario balls have suitable particle emitters
    - Plasma bullets give off more light
    - Changes to projectile speed reverted
    Dungeon/biome-exclusive weapons will no longer spawn everywhere.
    Revolvers are slightly faster
    Alien laser guns and corrosive guns have been added and can be found in alien biomes New recoil animations for...
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  4. Legendary Gun Tweaks and Compatibility!

    - Weapontype files no longer overwrite vanilla files. Vanilla weapons also have a chance of being found.
    Notes: This was requested by many on steam. Though I don't really understand why you would want to use the vanilla weapons, they miss out on a couple of features.
    - Legendary flamethrowers now shoot unique projectiles with unique status effects.
    - Legendary lightning coils now have extra range and inflict "stun"

    Also here's a new mod icon for the steam version.


    1. ayy.png
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  5. Compatibility patch

    Dungeons now use proper patching to ensure compatibility with other mods, but still don't expect it to be compatible with that other mod that re-adds the same dungeons added by this mod (save the sci-fi dungeon).

    Other Changes:
    Split bullet and trishot have been reworked.
    - They now split sooner
    -- Before the change, they were near-useless at close range
    - Resulting projectiles are slightly more accurate and have a randomized spread
    Floran grenade launchers have been nerfed
    -- Before the...
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  6. Projectile Icons!

    This update adds projectile icons to weapons added by this mod!
    Didn't take as long as I thought to add these. You can finally know what you're paying for when you're buying guns from a merchant.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The removed...
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  7. 1.1.1 compatibility

    Some monstertype files are now updated to not crash with the imfamous 1.1.1 patch. They now spawn properly.
    Uzis are now wielded and dropped by prison gunmen in human prisons.
    Some other features have been excluded from this update as they're still work in progress.
    Also, here's something you'll be seeing in the next update.
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  8. Another FU hotfix.

    Looks like I've missed something, should be fixed now!
    On a side note, delayed bullets have been given a 20% damage increase to make them viable.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to those using FU!
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  9. Frackin' Universe Hotfix

    Relocated some npctype files, hopefully this fixes some of the crashes when used with FU.
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  10. Better plasma muzzles amd bugfixes!

    Muzzle flashes of plasma weapons now have fancy new variants, as well as improvements for fast-firing plasma weapons.
    Merchants now start selling the modded weapons
    A few small bugs squished, such as this floating lightning coil.
    That's it for this update, let me know if you have any suggestions.
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