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Supper's Monster Additions 2018-11-19b

Many improvements to rando-monsters, including different stats and behaviors.

  1. Improved stomp attack, fixes.

    • Stomp attack improved. The shockwave from the attack can now climb terrain.
    • Shockwave attack added to flying monsters.
    • Fixed large flying monsters not swooping at the player.
    • Shield attack duration decreased.
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  2. Tiny Fix

    Tiny Fix
  3. Monster Special Attacks!

    Major Changes:
    • Monster spawning changed to 3 surface ground monsters and 2 flying monsters.
    • Several new and rare special attacks added to monsters.
    • Added 1 new ranged attack.
    • Small flying monsters now have a chance to not have a ranged attack.
    Minor Changes:
    • Rebalanced several ranged attacks.
  4. The Return of Derrick!

    Major Changes:
    • Monster idle noise frequency and range reduced.
    • Several monster parts cut from beta re-added.
    • Several new monster attacks added. A few existing ones are changed.
    Bonus screenshot of a Derrick cousin:
    Additionally, I will upload the mod to steam workshop myself from now on.

  5. Minor changes

    Minor Changes:
    • Ground-based monsters make slightly less idle noises.
    • Melee attack no longer has a windup, will not be used if the player is high above the monster, has a shorter cooldown and is slower.
    • 1 new ranged monster attack.
    • Dive attack for flying monsters changed.
    • Fixed a crash related to sewerflies.
  6. Many new features!

    Finally finished updating the mod for 1.3!

    Major Changes
    • Old monster sounds back from koala re-implemented.
    • Procedurally-generated monsters can now have elemental weaknesses and resistances.
    • Monsters now rotate their heads when firing at you.
    Turns out that I forgot to upload a file for the previous update. Some of the features that should've been added last time should be added now....
  7. New Attack Indicators!

    Major Changes:
    • Planets changed to only have 2 ground creatures and 1 flying creature. Spawnrates of each individual monster increased to adjust.
    • Decreased chance for ground-based monsters to have ranged attacks. For large monsters, the chance is now 80%, For small monsters, the chance is now 50%. Flying monsters not affected.
    • Visual indicators now pop up whenever a monster is about to attack. Affects unique...