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Supper's Combat Overhaul 2019-7-21

Gear, enemy and combat improvements

  1. Bandit armor changes

    • Bandits will now receive special effects from their armor. This change also affects pre-existing armor mods.
    • Appropriate damage numbers are used when players or npcs take elemental damage.
  2. Npc hotfix

    Fixed npcs spamming the logs with info.
  3. Update Title:

    • Shields take damage before damage absorption.
    • Damage absorption is affected by elemental resistance.
    • Generated armor can also provide agility, defense and damage bonuses.
    • Generated armor have random colors.
    • Slightly slowed down broadswords and shortswords.
  4. 2018-1-9

    • Slightly increased windup times of some monster attacks.
    • Enlarged hitboxes for generated minibosses.
    • Tooltip for capture pods fits better for players with small screens. (credit to Xaliber)
    • Normalized melee combo damage.
    • Mission bosses are immune to percentage-based damage.
    • Explosions of explosive melee weapons deal less damage.
    • Some melee...
  5. Mod compatibility and more

    • Health bars are no longer shown for followers at full health.
    • Npcs deal less damage.
    • Mod compatibility changes. This time improved food descriptions in particular.
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  6. Bugfixex and melee combos

    • Strikes in a melee combo has varying damage and windup times.
    • Reduced overall damage of long melee combos.
    • Added compatibility with other mods.
    • Fixed a rare access violation crash for windows users. Some features had to be removed from generated monsters. (Exploding monsters, monsters that charge when damaged, crawling and hopping ground monsters and varying wandering behavior). This crash is...
  7. Treasure pool fix

    You should no longer be able to acquire vanilla pistols from scientists.