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Super /sbg/ Race Mod 0.17

Eight (possibly more) exotic alien races from the depths of the Internet to spice up your galaxy!

  1. Wall of Knowledge
    Please note, this is an alpha build. Bugs may exist, and many planned features are currently missing. If something breaks horribly, please shoot me a PM with your error log.

    As a race mod, you will need a character screen extender such as Kawa's Xbawks for this mod to function.

    This mod is made for Starbound 1.0 Stable! Use with nightly versions at your own risk.

    Current Features:
    -8 fully functional custom races!
    -Some of them even have items!
    -Options folder containing alternate files to help customize your experience; it will grow as the mod does!

    Beldehor (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    More information than I can fit here is already available at their original mod page!
    Racial Ability: Coming soon!

    Barometta (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    An all-female race of gregarious, fluffy sheep-people created from a legendary plant.
    While technically blind, they can sense an energy they refer to as "mana", which they siphon through contact with other sentient species in order to survive.
    Lore: http://pastebin.com/qn3dxdnK
    Racial Ability: Coming soon!

    Carodonts (Head Modguy: carriontrooper)
    A species of aquatic tribesmen, their technology has accidentally progressed after the crash of a human ship on their home planet. Now they are ready to follow in the footsteps of their gods, and look for the mythical planet-island of Earu-te-hu.
    Lore: None yet!
    Racial Ability: Gilled: Being aquatic, Carodonts can breathe underwater indefinitely, and are immune to the Wet status.

    Gamayun (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    Powerful, enigmatic psychics who have evolved beyond the need for limbs. They search for ancient knowledge, but may also have use for the inferior brains of their enemies.
    Lore: Work in Progress!
    Racial Ability: Psychokinetic: Given that they continually suspend themselves in midair with mental force, Gamayun are immune to fall damage.

    Ichthysians (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    Though they all claim to have been uplifted from simple beasts by the great ten-armed god Orotanu, these deep-sea dwellers are currently locked in a bloody war of secession between the revolutionary Varanai and the traditionalist, collectivist theocracy of the Sahuagin.
    Lore: http://pastebin.com/ayhcbQAN
    Racial Ability: Gilled: See Carodonts. Racial abilities are in the first iteration, and will be expanded upon in the future!

    Singularnosti (Head Modguy: carriontrooper)
    These containment-suited sentient black holes control a significant amount of the black market in their sector of space. For these energy-hungry creatures, Novakids taste the best.
    Lore: None yet!
    Racial Ability: Coming soon!

    Golgians (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    Slime people! They were originally derived from a novelty armor set when it was temporarily removed from the game (that I didn't expect it to get put right back in), but have since developed to be much more:
    Lore: http://pastebin.com/qbkWdVyf
    Racial Ability: Gelatinous Body: Golgians regenerate their health over time, and are immune to the Slime status effect.

    Lunarians (Head Modguy: Wall of Knowledge)
    Rabbit people from Earth's moon, prior to the planet's destruction. Built to kick ass and eat cake.
    Lore: http://pastebin.com/kk7pTk3U
    Racial Ability: Vacuum Sealed: Lunarians' intelligently designed internal oxygen storage allows them to operate underwater or in airless environments 20x longer than other races without special equipment.

    Planned Features (In no particular order):
    -Fleshing out the new races with AIs, ships, and custom content
    -Unique mechanics for all/most races
    -Lore! As we fill out each race's lore, it'll be packed into a tidy Pastebin link under its respective race in the main spoiler.

    Obviously, since most of the races included in this mod have widely varying body types, equipment compatibility will be a serious issue. Enter the Tailoring Table:
    As the mod develops, we will be establishing a system of designation tags to indicate what race(s) can properly wear a given piece of equipment, and make variants for each piece of equipment for each relevant tag: For a nominal fee, Tailoring enables you to change between these variants to ensure that clothes and armor you obtain always look good on you.
    The tailoring table is included and fully functional, but currently has no recipes! One recipe!

    -More Races:

    This is a community mod: it owes its existence to the suggestions, contributions, and feedback of an offsite Starbound community of (mostly) anonymous individuals (and was created to try to keep that community alive)-- I'm just the custodian of the mod and the one who's done most of the heavy lifting and executive-decision-making to get it off the ground. If you know what I'm talking about, and want to contribute, let's talk it over! If you actually know how to into art or modding yourself, that's even better; if you have a Starbound forum account, you can drop me a line here to give me your official consent to include your race/assets in the mod/pack (and don't feel limited to new races, either; the existing ones need a lot of additional content!).

    Known Issues:
    -Names aren't currently sorted by gender
    -Carodonts can't currently emote (unless I fixed this; idr)
    -Many of the Gamayun's hairstyles interfere with their ears
    -Check the latest update!

    Known Incompatibilities:
    Beldehor Race Mod: Included in this mod. Other races will receive their own standalone versions at some point in the future, released under the names of their respective authors. I'll still be updating the Beldehor standalone version, but it's going to take a bit of a back seat to working on this goliath!

    Licensing information:
    I didn't create all of the assets used in this mod: contributors' assets are used, modified, and redistributed with permission. If you contribute to the mod, you're giving me implicit consent to redistribute your contributed assets via this modpack.

    If you want to use, alter, or redistribute assets I don't own, please ask the original author, or I can forward your request to them.

    Current (non-anonymous) contributors:
    -Wall of Knowledge (Beldehor, Barometta, Gamayun, Ichthysians, their associated items, Tailoring Table, Lunarians)
    -carriontrooper (Carodonts, Singularnosti, their associated items)
    The Slimes were created using vanilla assets* and are free to use and abuse in any way you see fit*.
    *except for their hair
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mysterymon630
    Version: 0.17
    I love this mod my favorite are the {Singularnosti}
  2. Cream Puff
    Cream Puff
    Version: 0.17
    I love this mod, Lunarians are my absolute favorite! I only wish I could have made a chocolate bunny
  3. BlitzGazer
    Version: 0.17
    Designs of the races are very creative and unique, Thank you for sharing this mod.
  4. cloudmonet
    Version: 0.17
    thank you for this mod, the amount of work put into the new races is amazing !!
  5. Tranzet
    Version: 0.17
    Thank you for this, I'll be keeping an eye out for updates!!
  6. Saint Apollyon
    Saint Apollyon
    Version: 0.17
    Still one of my favorite mods to this day. I especially love the two new additions!
  7. LexyV
    Version: 0.13
    I do like your mod a lot, especially the barometta.

    I have a question however: could you please help me out as to how to only add one of the races (barometta in this case), since I smashed a whole bunch of mods together and eg. I already have a bunny race etc.
    I tried to remove all the stuff from the other races, or replace another race mod all with barometta stuff, both didn't work. Also tried your 'myrace' mod (though it appears outdated). I do not get any crash reports either.

    Are you possibly going to make a seperate mod for each race?
    If so I'd like to help come up with lore, help testing etc.

    Sorry for the whole story, but I'd really like to only have barometta in there.
    Lexy ^^
    1. Wall of Knowledge
      Author's Response
      Unless I'm mistaken, going to ../interface/windowconfig/charactercreation.config.patch and deleting/commenting out all of the adds except for the Barometta should disable all of the other races on the character creation screen without removing any of their content (which you may or may not want to, once they start having NPCs/towns/etc.)

      It's ostensiably a community mod, so any and all help is welcome! Feel free to drop me a PM any time.

      Individual mods for each race is something I've waffled on a fair bit. I'd like it to happen in principle, but it's something I really don't want to have to try to maintain.
  8. Shinki
    Version: 0.13
    Glad to hear you're still working on this. Even though /sbg/ is effectively nonexistant now, I'm very glad to see you're keeping up.
    1. Wall of Knowledge
      Author's Response
      if i can stop being a lazy toolbag, i might even try updating it in the week i have before summer classes start :')
  9. Guadaña
    Version: 0.13
    Love this, hope it keeps growing!
  10. EndlessTetris
    Version: 0.13
    I love this mod, and I love all the races in it! I hope all the races will get fleshed out soon!
    1. Wall of Knowledge