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Outdated Stealth/Shadow Tech Version 1.0.1 Enraged

Mobility techs with a slight stealth / assassin focus.

  1. Apjjm
    This mod adds a couple of techs with a more assassination / stealth feel to them.
    You can follow updates and such in the forum thread here.

    Adds The following Tech & Items

    Shadow Altar: Craft this to be able to build the techs. Depending on if you install the balanced version or the "i want to test the techs" version, this will cost either ( 1000 pixels, 30 iron, 1 sacrificial altar) or (1 pixel).
    Shadow Walk: Activating this tech (F) allows you to phase through solid objects. Hitting F a second time (or running out of energy) causes an explosion and deactivates the tech. The player cannot be hit by projectiles or enemies while this tech is active, however, enemies will still notice a big floating energy-ball go past! Costs 2000 pixels.
    Quantum Decoy: Activating tech (F) creates a decoy drawing the aggro associated with the player to the decoy for 3 seconds. The player becomes invisible to monsters whilst this tech is active (however, the player can still take damage). If the timer expires or the player launches an attack, the tech will deactivate generating an explosion at the player. If the player hits the special key (F) a second time, he will warp back to the decoy creating an explosion at the decoy. Costs 2000 pixels.
    Installation Guide
    1. Go to to the starbound installation folder. You may also wish to backup your player and universe folders before installing mods.
    2. Copy/cut/move the folder "apjjm_shadowtech" into the "mods" folder
    3. open apjjm_shadowtech->recipes->darknessaltar and delete one of the two .recipe files:
      • Delete "darknessaltar.recipe" if you want to be able to craft the tech easily for the sake of testing
      • Delete "darknessaltar_easy.recipe" if you want to use the more balanced ingredients
      • If you delete neither you can chose either recipe
    4. open up the assets folder in the starbound directory
    5. open up player.config and add the following line at the START of the blueprints tier you feel is appropriately balanced
      { "item" : "darknessaltar" },

Recent Updates

  1. Updated for Beta V Enraged Koala
  2. Minor fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. kidthig
    Version: Version 1.0.1 Enraged
    Love it please update it
  2. OpfahLetsPlay
    Version: Version 1.0.1 Enraged
    I cant even start starbound even if i followed ALL the steps and i dont have a player.config file -.-
  3. Kritik
    Version: Version 1.0.1 Enraged
    Good, but the explosion is too big for me to use normally in the floran town I'm in, also you can't move vertically.
  4. bk3k
    Version: Version 1.0.1 Enraged
    This + Ninja mod = :P
  5. llxUnknownxll
    Version: 1.0.1
    Please update? I wanna use this so much....
  6. Lusfella
    Version: 1.0.1
    Genius, but how does it work in multiplayer?
    Is it made with files that already are in the game but simply not user or is it custom?
  7. Redevious
    Version: 1.0.1
    Please please please update this mod, im going for an assassin type character in starbound and I really would love to use this.
  8. onerb2
    Version: 1.0.1
    i'm giving 5 stars bercause i really like the IDEA of the mod, but rly, make it compatible with the current version of the game plx :D
  9. demiant
    Version: 1.0