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StarTech Themed 2.0 1.2

Super advanced storage, in STYLE!

  1. Is this useful at all?

    I'm either getting burned out from Starbound again, or losing interest for whatever reason.
    Also, I did these themes for so long that there was no testing this time - if errors occur, PLEASE tell me if you are using this.

    - Outpost telepad now actually different from original telepad, more akin to the 2-Stop Teleshop Teleporter.
    - Added Trink theme and battery
    - Forgot Orcana themed telepad. Fixed.
    - Fixed Orcana characters not learning recipes.
  2. Orcana and new tech!

    The Orcana race gets its own custom set! It looks darn nice if I can say so myself.

    I also added an outpost themed resonite battery. Pick up your themed controller to learn how to craft it! Not sure if I mentioned, but since we keep adding new ones until the last one can be made and is then multiplied as necessary, I wasn't fond of the idea of making all tiers, considering that lower ones are disposable on the long run.

    - Added Protectorate theme with its unique UI.
    - Added Hive Wasp theme

    The mod is anything but done, I still plan on making more Elithian stuff. And the Slime stuff biome-wise, not the race because I never got an answer about it.

    This update took forever thanks to technical issues and my lack of interest on making things for the hoomans. No, srsly, HUMANS? There are six other interesting races available PLUS MODS, and you still want to be a lame human? Good thing I went for the...
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  4. It happened again...

    - Added Glitch Village theme
    - Added Saturnian theme - they aren't learning it yet, tho. Why does this happens to me?
    - Moved how some blueprints are learned.
  5. Stylish Telepads!

    - Starting to prepare the grounds for themed windows when accessing telepads and storage network.
    - Wood storage bus now doesn't pop out of the wall as much. It STILL comes with the wood planks, where else would you put that besides timber walls?.. Ok, Rainbow Wood may be a thing. One day. Who knows.
    - Themed telepads! At least for the currently added themes! If not racial, they'll be taught through obtaining something related.
  6. *Throws content and tweaks at you all*

    -Descriptions for some itens were added to all vanilla playable races, and some modded races when it applies.
    -Novakid/Steampunk themed drivebay got a dirty fix for its lights. This drive and a few others only display properly when facing right.
    -FIXED the Avali not learning their blueprint! Also, you need to craft the original transmatter controller to craft the Avali version. *WARNING* if you made the Avali models before this update, they WILL VANISH. Be sure...
  7. Some news, some problems...

    -Added Hylotl City theme
    -Added Avali theme - for some reason, the Avali won't learn the blueprints at all :c
    -Started to actually butcher some codes into new stuff
  8. First modded race theme! Also more Vanilla

    -Added Avian Temple theme
    -Added Avikan/Droden theme
  9. New theme! New resources!

    -Added Ztarbound/Frackin Universe support for changelog info... And maybe more.
    -Added Apex Lab theme
    -Giving racial themed controller recipe to respective races!