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Outdated Starfoundry v1.3.2

Automation megamod including energy, pipes, magnets, data transmission and more!

  1. Announcements, Item Excluder, Bug Fixes

    Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of updates, but we're back on track with some bug fixes, a new object, and a bit more news about what's going on with the Starfoundry project.

    We know that the energy system (and possibly other functionality) is not working in the current stable Steam release build. Until the stable release is updated, you will need to switch to the unstable release (in your options for the game in Steam). This patch should fix issues...
  2. 1.3.1: Bug Fixes and Improvements

    This update includes a variety of usability improvements, user-requested changes, and other polish:
    • New Object
      • Relay Cloak - use one of these devices to change the appearance of all energy relays in the area. current options are: visible, subtle, and hidden (interact to switch modes)
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements
      • Item Drone now uses A* search for dramatically improved pathfinding
      • added classy new pipe graphics by GeorgeV in two different tilesets:...
  3. hotfix for pumps

    Just a quick fix for an issue that caused pumps to output all the liquid in a tank.
  4. 1.3: Big bundle of new objects!

    We're back with a rich new update that includes several new objects as well as a few improvements and bug fixes. Here's what's new:
    • New Objects:
      • Item Drone Station - launch pad that spawns a flying drone to pick up nearby items and bring them back to the station, where they are deposited into a pipe. requires energy to function.
      • Ore Magnet - giant magnet that charges gradually, then can be activated to pull ores closer through solid ground. uses a LOT of energy, so...
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  5. Enraged Koala, bug fixes, usability improvements, one random new object

    Notable changes for v1.2.1:
    • Compatibility for Enraged Koala
    • New object
      • Randomizer: wired object that will turn on one of the four outputs at random when the input is turned on
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements
      • increased battery capacity from 500 to 1000
      • fixed bug where materials could get stuck in power smelter
      • power smelter now only pulls items while active
      • added a new placement option for relays. when placing a relay between two solid blocks,...
  6. 1.2: New objects, graphics, and bug fixes

    Notable changes for v1.2:
    • New Objects
      • Thermoelectric Generator - creates energy using water and lava
      • Gravity Elevator - facilitates graceful ascent and descent
      • Item Filter Pipe - allows only a specified type of item to pass through
      • Analog Clock - displays planetary day/night cycle
    • More fancy graphics by GeorgeV
    • Fixes for vanilla objects
      • Drain now uses a cleaner method for liquid destruction and will be open (draining) when no wire node is...
  7. EHD compatibility fix

    Fixed incompatibility with Electric Home Defense; you should be able to use both mods simultaneously, just be aware that objects like the Quarry appear in both mods but function differently.

    Also added a previously-missing survival recipe for Solar Panel.
  8. EHD integration, sprites, entity manipulation, and API rewrites

    Since feryaz has joined our team, this update includes several of your favorite objects from Electric Home Defense: Solar Panels, Quarries, Entity Detectors, and Mannequins. Check out the resource description for more information about them.

    Some objects have awesome new sprites courtesy of GeorgeV himself!

    Entity manipulators (air fans, jump pads, levitation pads, and conveyor belts)...
  9. New pipe tile, bug fixes

    Just a little update to fix a few outstanding bugs and add a new pipe tile. May be a few days before the next update since we've got a major integration project, but we promise it'll be worth the wait!

    Notes for this version:

    Metal Pipe Junction
    Can be used to create branches in pipes. When there are multiple valid destinations for a liquid or item, the closest destination will be preferred. Note that this connects pipes on any of the four sides to the same pipe network; if you want...