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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Underground Update!

    Added the following encounters to underground Apex, Human, Glitch, Avian, Floran, and outpost encounters:

    - The Mole Merchant: Sells either upgraded pickaxes or drills
    - Underground Explorer: You're probably not the only one exploring underground in the Starbound universe, so I tossed some more life underground. Offers basic quests like needing torches and bandages to continue exploring.
    - Underground Miner: Since ores are so needed in the Starbound universe, I figured there would be more miners under ground too. They'll follow you around and offer basic quests like helping them find a certain ore.
    - Underground costume sellers: Will either sell costumes from sub surface biomes or main biomes
    - Underground blueprint seller: Will sell you blueprints of the various furniture you find in sub biomes.
    - Underground bard: Sells musical instruments.

    - Added two random encounters to above ground that are just fellow explorers who will follow you around on the surface of the planet and help you take out bad guys.
    - Increased drop rate of ancient orbs in the ancient capsules and lowered pixel rate
    - A few other bug fixes.

    Hopefully this makes your digging experience a little more lively, and I hope you all enjoy!
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