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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Hurray for stable!

    Hurray for a new stable update! The list on this one is short, but it adds a lot of quests to the ones I started earlier but never finished up.

    - Mod is now ready for the stable branch
    - Added a quest line to the human bunker
    - Added over 40 quests to the Apex town, Floran town, Glitch town, human bunker, Avian town, and Avian merchant
    - The miner and bug catcher no longer appear on garden planets, but now also appear on alien, arid, and snow planets.
    - Changed the text around on the blacksmith
    - Changed the text around bug catcher

    Hope everyone is enjoying the stable update!
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